Enchantimals Wheel Frozen Treats Preena Penguin Doll & Playset

My daughter loves all animals and would love to have a pet of her own but her allergies won’t allow for it. I this is in part why she loves toys like the “Enchantimals Wheel Frozen Treats Preena Penguin Doll & Playset”.  It allows her to combine her love of animals with her vivid imagination to play with her very own pet.

“Enchantimals Wheel Frozen Treats Preena Penguin Doll & Playset” comes with Preena Penguin and her human bestie Jayla. Together they roll around the world of Enchantimals in their cool blue ice-cream truck selling cool treats to all their friends.

It also comes with 5 ice-cream cones and a stand. As well as a tiny spoon and a little fish for Preena. Preena’s scarf and Jayla’s hairband, skirt and shoes are also removable. The plastic tabs holding on Jayla’s hairband were difficult to cut off without cutting any of her hair.

The ice-cream truck is shaped like an igloo with brick and snowflake details on the side giving it a “cold” feel. The Pink sign on the side flips down to become an inviting pink counter where all the Enchantimal friends can pull up a stool and enjoy an ice-cream treat. The side door opens up so you can stand the Enchantimal friends inside. On the floor of the truck is a tiny peg that you can slide into Jayla’s foot to have her stand on her own. The hole to insert the peg is only on her shoes, so if you lose a shoe she can’t stand up on it.

It is slightly awkward to set Jayla in the driver seat, you need to position her legs “just so” to have her sit properly. She sits in the center so it’s difficult to fit Preena in the front with her.  The wheels roll smoothly letting you drive all around the Enchantimal world.

My daughter loves that Preena and Jayla share similar characteristics. Her hair is jet black and she is wearing a tuxedo-like top that resembles Preena. While Jayla’s skirt is removable, her shirt and underwear are painted on. Jayla’s legs are jointed, and her legs, arms and head are moveable.

My daughter loves to play with the Ice-cream truck, serving all her favourite animals tasty cold treats. She has spent hours in imaginative play and is looking forward to discovering other “Enchantimal” friends.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Enchantimals Wheel Frozen Treats Preena Penguin Doll & Playset”  through the Amazon Vine Program. All opinions are 100% my own.

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