Armor All Foaming Cleaner and Engine Degreaser Spray, 946mL

Growing up there were two mechanics in my family. I remember the struggle to get the grease stains off various items in the house. It seemed that there were always greasy fingerprints where you least wanted them! I’m happy to say that I no longer have the daily struggle of removing grease from items but from time to time I need to do a little heavy duty cleaning. The “Armor All Foaming Cleaner and Engine Degreaser Spray”  removes grease and grime quickly and easily.

“Armor All Foaming Cleaner and Engine Degreaser Spray” is a heavy duty cleaner that cuts through tough oil, grease and grime to clean metals, plastics and vinyl.

The cleaner is very strong. We used it on a small boat engine and it did an amazing job. We covered the wires as instructed and sprayed the engine. The cleaner easily removed the grease that was there. It also removed some of the non-factory paint, so be sure to spray only the areas you wish to clean.

With the success of the engine, we decided to tackle the bottom of the door of my husband’s car. We aren’t sure what this tar-like substance is. We had taken the car in for a rust repair and paint, and over time this black stuff has been oozing out of the door ever since. It’s sticky and stains everything. We have tried various cleaners on it and nothing worked to easily remove it.

We sprayed a little bit of the “Armor All Degreaser” on the door and let it sit for about 3 minutes, then took a little sponge and started to clean the door. The tar-like goo started to come off. Unfortunately, my sponge gave out before I could complete the job. I still have a ways to go to complete the job, but I am confident that this spray will do the job easily.


I would recommend using this product in a well ventilated area as well as using gloves.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary bottle of “Armor All Foaming Cleaner and Engine Degreaser Spray, 946mL” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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