Tips On How To Help Your Kids Balance School & Sports

It is difficult to keep up with our children today. They have play dates, school, tons of homework, and they want to be in sports. This is a great thing. Sports are an important part of growing. They learn teamwork, responsibility, and they get healthy exercise. But, as the parent, you have to lay some ground rules.

Image Credit KeithJJ (Pixabay)

Image Credit: KeithJJ (Pixabay)


We all agree that school is the main priority. However, a smart parent is a bit flexible. How many times have you been at work on a priority task and had to stop to attend an unexpected or forgotten meeting? Sure, you had to work through lunch that day, but you managed because it was required. Your boss is no different than your child’s teacher. He knows you have a priority assignment, but he is not going to stop a meeting with an unexpected client. Still, he assumes you will do what you need to do, to turn in your assignment. This is the same thing you will face with your child.

He knows he has an assignment due. His practice took longer than expected and now he is worn out and can barely focus. This is when you step in and help your child carve out some time to do the assignment. You do not excuse him from the assignment; you use this as a teachable moment. This is good parenting, and he will carry this lesson through life.

Give him the tools he needs

Ask any teacher and they will tell you that all children learn differently. One is not smarter than the other, but the child that absorbs information and retains it in the traditional way fits into the program. The child that has not mastered his study habits, or simply problem solves differently, is marked as a kid that “slows down the class.” He may be called lazy or a daydreamer. This is unacceptable.

Tips for helping your child

  • Work with him and find out how he thinks and what distracts him. Teach him how to use the built-in tools on the computer. Set up files for each class and use the online calendar to remind him of tests and sporting events.
  • Do not force him into an uncomfortable and ineffective position. You may work best in a quiet locations. This may help you concentrate. Your child may grow restless, and stressed by a quiet room. We are not suggesting that he be allowed to watch cartoons while he is trying to study. But sometimes music or the fan of a fan running can calm the child and he can relax enough to get his work done.
  • Allow him to try different locations to study. Just as there are days when you hate your office, there are days when he dreads sitting at his desk. Let him try your desk, the kitchen table, or the backyard patio set. Take every opportunity to learn and to teach.
Image Credit 9355 (Pixabay)
Image Credit: 9355 (Pixabay)

Reward growth

When a child masters a technique that works and he uses it to balance his life, he should be given high praise. You could take him on a nature hike. Maybe you can make treat bags to hand out to his team. You can order a variety of candy with these candy assortments. If you are concerned, they can be sugar-free and allergy-friendly.

Education has come a long way in the past few years. More parents are hands-on parents to ensure their kids get the best education they can. They balance this with sports, fun, and by building healthy self-esteem in them. Try some new tools to help your child have it all.


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