“Which is p and Which is q?” by Gita Reddy

Two weeks ago I started a French class. It is much more difficult than I ever imagined. I am always getting things mixed up. I can relate to the frustration that Minki feels in the story of “Which is p and Which is q?”.

Gita Reddy

“Which is p and Which is q?” is the story of Minki, a little girl who has trouble telling the difference between the letters “p” and “q”. When Minki gets frustrated she tosses “p” and “q” out the window. Angry and hurt the letters march off to the Word Fairy and announce that they are never going back! What happens to the world when the letters “p” and “q” go missing? Will they ever return?

The author, Gita Reddy, has created a wonderful story that will entertain little ones while teaching them valuable life lessons.

I love how this story teaches my children how to use memory cues to remember things. The author gives us a great way to remember which is “p” and which is “q”.  This is a skill that you can use to remember other things, like “s” and “z” or “b” and “d”.

I volunteer quite often at my children’s school. Watching them learn new things is a joy, but often times they get frustrated. In the classroom they can’t just toss things out the window in frustration, the children need to find ways to work through their troubles. “Which is p and Which is q?” offers parents and teachers the opportunity to talk to  children about how they deal with frustrations. Do we lash out in anger or do we try and find a creative way to solve our problems? When Minki reacts in anger and tosses “p” and “q” away in anger the results are disastrous. Take this time to talk about how our actions have consequences.

The illustrations in the story are bright and colourful. They are eye-catching and perfect for reading to a group of children. I love the expressions on the faces of the characters, each expression helps tell the story.

“Which is p and Which is q?” is a adorable story that makes learning fun.

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