Jimmy and Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon

My children look up at the night sky with a sense of wonder. Over the past few summers we have shared stories around the campfire about the constellations and planets. The stories of the constellations have captivated them but are little on the serious side.  “Jimmy & Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon” is a fun story to share with the kids about the moon.

Jimmy and Jane

“Jimmy & Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon”  by Ian Sadler, is the story of the moon-dwelling Lunatrons and their unusual eating habits. Jimmy and Jane discover that it is these strange eating habits of the Lunatrons that give the moon it’s yellow colour! What happens when they encourage the Lunatrons to try new foods?

I was volunteering in my son’s classroom yesterday and I had the opportunity to read this story to them. They absolutely loved it. They sat around my chair, moving closer and closer with each page. It sparked excited conversation as they explored what happened when the Lunatrons mixed their food colours. What colour did the moon turn when they added Red or Blue foods to their diets? The kids did disagree with the colour combination of Red Berries and Yellow Cheese turning the moon gold. The class insisted that it would turn the moon Orange instead.

“Jimmy & Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon” also teaches the children about diversity. Jimmy and Jane accepted the Lunatrons into their store and served them with kindness and offered friendship with each visit.

The story also encourages your little one to try new foods! My son is an incredibly picky eater, and it’s difficult to convince him to try anything new. How exciting it would be if the foods we ate could change the colour of the moon! Nothing as extraordinary will happen to us if we eat new foods, but he is excited to try adding new berries and fruits to his smoothies to discover what colours he can change it too.

Before I read the story to the classroom I told them that I needed their help in rating this book. Before I read the story  I explained to them the 5 star rating (1 being the worst and 5 being the best), at the end I asked them how many stars they would give the book. The kids gave the story a rating between 5 and 1000 stars. They really enjoyed the book.

“Jimmy & Jane and the Tale of the Yellow Moon” is a story that captured imagination of an entire room of Grade 1 students. I know the kids will be looking up at the moon tonight trying to spy a Lunatron or two!

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