Tensor Self-Adhering Athletic Wrap Bandage, 4-inch

I’ve had pain in my hand/wrist/forearm for years now after an unfortunate accident. I’ve gone through numerous wraps/supports since then, all with their own pros and cons. The cloth wraps which are comfortable and breathable, but the clips tend to fall off and they’re not that great for use during physical activity. The neoprene wrist support does give decent support for physical activity, but they don’t breathe well and I found they would get very uncomfortable/itchy after a short time.

I also had a wrist brace with a metal support plate you could add/remove. It gave excellent support, but not breatheable or usable for sports. I also found it hard to use my hand for much of anything with the metal support plate in.

The “Tensor Self-Adhering Athletic Wrap Bandage” has been my favorite support to date. No clips to mess with, gives good support when performing athletics, more comfortable than neoprene, and flexible enough for everyday use. Once you give the wrap a light squeeze, it feels almost like a rubber/flexible one piece cast.

It’s not perfect however:

the material is highly flexible. Don’t pull it tight when wrapping, it will try to contract and cut off circulation.

Areas of the wrap that go on the inside of joints tends to crush a bit and will stay that way. The parts of the wrap that were on the palm of my hand for instance are permanently crushed/slimmer than the rest of the wrap. I’ve tried to keep that same area on my palm so I don’t crush too much of the wrap. Over time, this may shorten the life of the wrap.

When removing the wrap, it can be tricky to get it back on the roll cleanly. Some have had more issues than I, but I didn’t pull the wrap very tight so it didn’t shrink much at all for me.

Even with those cons, the “Tensor Self-Adhering Athletic Wrap Bandage” is still my favorite wrap just because I can actually use it for an extended period of time with the least amount of hassle and discomfort. I’m not certain how much time I’ll get from each wrap, but so far I’ve gotten several uses from this one (by keeping the crush points constant) and it looks like I’ll still get several more.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary  “Tensor Self-Adhering Athletic Wrap Bandage” through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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