B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay A2 Active Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Natural)

I’ve owned several bluetooth speakers over the past few years, varying in both size and price, but have yet to own anything the quality of the Beoplay A2 Active. Now with that being said this is also the most expensive speaker I’ve owned to date by a fair margin, with my next most expensive being my Jabra Solemate Mini I bought shortly after it was relased a few years ago.

The sound from the A2 is outstanding. I can place the speaker on the counter dividing my kitchen/dining area and my living  room, and hear the music clearly from any of those areas (about 550 sq ft) with a good amount of bass. The bluetooth reception has been great for me so far as well, as I usually pair it with my laptop down the hall ( about 20 ft away through walls / doorway ).

The speaker doesn’t just sound good, but it also looks good and the build feels quite sturdy. The design is simple, yet elegant. And the finish on all of the surfaces feels nice to the touch. The thin base does mean that it can be tipped easily, but the weight due to the large driver/magnet (I’m assuming) helps to keep it more sturdy than expected.

The weight seems a bit heavy compared to what I would normally think of as a portable speaker, but to be able to pump out that quality of sound I’m sure there must be a substantial magnet/driver in there (and yes, I’m not an audiofile nor all that technically savvy with this sort of thing). If I wanted something lightweight to carry around in my bag, I would likely go for something a bit smaller. But this speaker is great for moving room to room, or even taking out for special events where you need something with more oomph than a smaller speaker.

Although the speaker can produce good sound at a high volume, that does come with a cost. In this case, battery life. I tested the unit out in my kitchen at high volume, and after about 1.5-2 hours of continuous play the unit automatically turned the volume down quite low. This is your warning that the battery is low, and you are unable to turn the volume back up until you charge the unit. I tried plugging it in and turning the volume back up, but I’m guessing I had to wait for it to charge up a bit more first because it wouldn’t let me adjust the volume yet. I’ve seen other people post that they’re getting several hours of use at moderate volume although I can’t speak to that myself. I like to turn the music up when I’m cleaning.

Some other features this speaker has are:

– Splash and dust resistant. Good to know but I have no plans on intentionally testing it on such a nice speaker.

– Beoplay app. The app is available for both android and iOS, but I wasn’t able to get it to find the speaker on android. With that being said, the app is by no means necessary to use the speaker, it just has some neat playback/sound settings and the ability to pair two of these speakers for stereo sound.

– USB-C port for charging. The unit comes with a cable but no charger itself. A bit odd, although I have several of them kicking around the house anyway.

– 3.5mm jack in case you want a wired connection.

Loving the speaker overall, but more for in home use. If you want something to carry around on a regular basis it would be a bit big for my tastes. I’d give this speaker a 5 star rating if not for the somewhat short battery life at high volume. I’m guessing that in order to keep the size/weight down sacrifices had to be made. Just for me personally, since this speaker is already a bit too large for me to keep in my bag anyway, I would have preferred a larger battery but a slightly larger/heavier unit.


Disclosure:  I received a complimentary speaker through the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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