Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil

During the school year we use a special shampoo on my daughters hair to help repel lice. Her hair is very long and we are terrified that the little “yellow note” will come home in her bag. The shampoo tends to try her hair so from time to time we like to give it a little extra TLC. “Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil” gives her hair that extra little bit of love that it needs.

“Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil” is an all over body moisturizer that will hydrate and soften your skin. The oil is absorbed quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feel, unlike other oils I have used. It has a soft subtle smell.

“Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil” can be used on your hair to help moisturize and smooth flyaways. I decided to try it on my daughters hair. After researching how to use it online, I added a few drops to my hands and worked it through the ends of her hair.  I found that it left her hair feeling heavy and greasy looking. After her next wash though, you could see an improvement the condition of her hair. I will continue researching online to see if there is another way I should be using it on her hair for a less greasy looking result.

The “Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil” is a great moisturizing oil. I find myself applying it to my hands on a daily basis. It will be a great addition to my medicine cabinet to help counter the effects of the cold Canadian winters on my skin.


Disclosure: I received a complimentary bottle of “Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.




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