Money-Saving Techniques For The School Holidays

The school holidays may be the time of year that your children love more than any other, but the same cannot be said for parents.

While it’s lovely to be able to have more time with your kids, there’s no doubt the school holidays can be particularly punishing for yourfamily finances. If your children are young, and you work, you will have to arrange for childcare. You will need to provide activities to keep your kids occupied; a few day trips to enjoy, all of which require funds. Your transport and food costs will escalate during the holidays, too. It’s a wonderful time, but there’s no denying the quarterly school holidays are some of the most expensive of the year.

Image Credit: freeGraphicToday (Pixabay)
Image Credit: freeGraphicToday (Pixabay)

Before we know it, the Christmas school holidays will be upon us, meaning that your family budget is going to have to brace for another shock. This is also the time of year when many families, mindful of the need to save money, begin to consider how they are going to cope with the summer holidays of 2018. With these thoughts in mind, it seems pertinent to investigate some of the ways you can save money when school’s out…

1) Ask Family For Help

A huge number of parents rely on their own parents, their kids’ grandparents, to help with childcare during the holidays. If this is possible for you, then it’s an option you should pursue. Ideally, you want to use family care during the working week, when you will be otherwise occupied with your day job. Even if you give your parents a little cash for their babysitting duties, this will invariably be cheaper than paying for professional care.
2) Consider Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way of successfully combining your desire to save money and your childrens’ desire to have a good time. While camps may seem expensive, if you factor in the costs compared to paying for childcare, food, electricity and so on, they actually become surprisingly reasonable.

Do your research for the next school holidays and see if you can find a camp to suit your kids; soccer obsessives will love the idea of training at an academy associated with professional club Barcelona, which can make a reality. If your child is a budding tennis fan, then you’ll be able to find a whole host of summer camps designed to increase their enthusiasm and skill level. There’s something out there for every child regardless of their interests, and you’ll save a small fortune while your child has the time of their life.

3) Take Advantage Of Nature

Image Credit: StockSnap (PixaBay)
Image Credit: StockSnap (Pixabay)

Going for a long walk or bike ride is a staple of the school holidays for many families, and it’s easy to see why. It’s free, great exercise, and ensures that your children will spend at least some of the holidays free from their attachment to various screens athome.

If you want to make a day of it, head to a recognized walking trail and see how far you can climb. There are great, kid-friendly trails dotted throughout the country, so you should be able to find something close to you with relative ease. If you leave near one of the top 10 as described on, then you’ll want to make this a priority.

Do you think you will be tempted to try any of these money-saving ideas during the next school holidays?

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