The Frugal Mom’s Guide To Career Change

Being short on cash all the time isn’t fun. It’s even less fun if you have a family to support and dreams for the future that seems to be edging further and further away. So, what can you do about it? Well, one option is to retrain for a different career, increasing your earning potential and also allowing you to pursue job satisfaction, but what about the bills, the kids, and my other half, you say? Well, don’t panic because it is possible, just read on to find out how.

Pick something meaningful

Image Credit: Nick Youngson (
Image Credit: Nick Youngson (

First of all, you will hear lots of advice when making a career change about . However, for most of us finding something that we love, that also increases earning potential is unlikely at best.

That is why when finances play a part in your career decision, you have to be practical about your choice. So instead look at options that you don’t mind, and that have some enjoyable aspects that pay really well. Something that can allow you to have a more satisfying life outside of work?

Try flexible learning

Image Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom (Pexels)

Image Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom (Pexels)

Something else that frugal moms need to be aware of when making a career change is that they will probably need to do some retraining. You may get lucky and be able to do this on the job and get paid for it. However, a lot of career changers will have to study before they can get a role in the field they want.

Of course, this creates an issue, because it means you have to continue working while you study, making full-time programs inaccessible. Luckily though there are plenty of more flexible courses like these online MBA in finance programs that allow you to study at your own pace. This then allows you to fit in your training around your current job and your family, making it much more manageable day to day, as well as much more likely you will get to complete the course and become qualified for a higher paying career role.

Get organized

If time is money, frugal moms won’t want to waste any of it, especially when they have so much to do including retraining, working, and looking after the family. That is why it really pays to become as organized as possible if you are considering a career change.

To do this use a planner to divide your time up for maximum efficiency.  Also, try and streamline daily chores, so they take less time and energy, freeing more of you up for the things you value like study and spending time with the family.

A great way of doing this is to create a packed lunch and snack station for the kids and assign chores out to the whole family. You can even give them a proportionate allowance for the tasks they have done, helping to instill good financial sense and a hard work ethic early. Not to mention freeing up more time for you to study and qualify for that higher paying roll.


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