Alcohol-Free Party Ideas

While alcohol is typically accepted among adults when it is used responsibly, throwing the occasional party without drinking is not only possible, but a unique and creative event in itself. If you are planning a booze-free party, try some of these ideas for your event.

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Board Game Parties

Although playing board games may seem like something that is best left to the children, adults can get in on the fun by throwing a party that is centered strictly around such entertainment. Break out old favorites like Clue, Risk or Monopoly to maximize the fun. If your friends are of the academic type, consider throwing some multiplayer brain games into the mix to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Cooking Parties

Leaving the wine bottle corked when cooking often results in a more successful outcome in the kitchen, and expanding this concept to include a cooking party is a great way to bring everyone together. Whether you and your friends and family opt to make sushi, bake personalized pizzas or create several different appetizers, cooking together is a great way to encourage sober, delicious fun.

Beach and Boating Parties

While many adults associate fun near the water with tropical drinks, it is actually dangerous to mix sun, sand and water with alcohol. Instead of turning this type of party into yet another drunken escapade, show your friends that playing it safe and sober can still result in an excellent time for everyone who attends.

Bonfire Parties

Again a common party for the inclusion of alcohol, bonfires can actually be quite entertaining without a mind-altering beverage of choice. Instead, roast hot dogs, toast marshmallows, tell ghost stories and truly enjoy the company of those who are the most important to you.

Other Considerations to Make

Throwing an alcohol-free party is a fantastic idea, although carefully selecting guests to invite is an important part of the process. After all, inviting 10 people from the office who are known as serious drinkers may result in bad feelings if the “alcohol-free” part of the event is not included on the invitation. Additionally, it is important to ensure that alternative beverages are available, along with alternative activities in case your party guests are not fond of board games or bonfires. In short, it is a good idea carefully consider who will be invited to the party before making it an alcohol-free event.


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