If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany

My son loves model trains. He bought his first HO scale model train over the summer and is excited to start building his own track. He learned about the “Miniatur Wunderland”, the world’s largest model railway from the book “If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany” and is excited about visiting Germany someday.

“If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany” is an amazing look into the culture of Germany from a child’s perspective. It’s part of the “If You We Me And Lived In…” series of book from Carole P. Roman.

Each book in the “If You Were Me And Lived In…” series follows a similar pattern. In this book your little one will explore the culture and customs of Germany. Your child learns about everyday activities that children around the world participate in like soccer, playing with dolls and even going to school.

I love that the book reinforces the learning strategies that my children are learning in school and gives my children the freedom to discover new words in different ways. As they read books in the classroom they are encouraged to look at the pictures to see if that helps them discover what a word means. The author encourages my children to “guess” what a new word is by using the pictures. Another way my children are learning new words is by reading the glossary provided at the back of the book. The helps them to learn how look up words using using alphabetical order instead of just looking it up online.


The author has taken the time to ensure the book is laid out in an easy to read format. She has included the a pronunciation guide that helps you understand how to pronounce certain words.  This is a great feature not only for adults who may be reading the story aloud, but for little readers who are still learning.

I would love to see more “real world” images in the story, but that is just my personal taste. My children love the illustrations and are quite happy to continue their research online to see photographs of the places they are reading about.

“If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany” takes my children on a journey through Germany. My son wants to visit the “Miniatur Wunderland” and my daughter would like to visit the castle built by King Ludwid II, which many say is the inspiration for the castle in Disneyland. The book focuses on places that inspire my little ones to explore the world around them.

My children and I love the that the author follows a similar format throughout the series. In each book of the series we learn what a boy or a girl may have. It’s fun to discover if we know people with the same or similar names. She also continues teaching us the names for soccer, dolls, ice-cream and what types of food we would eat.

“If You Were Me And Lived In…Germany” is a great resource for children that are looking to explore the world around them.

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “If You Were Me and Lived In…Germany” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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