Barbie Dreamhorse Doll And Horse

Growing up I loved to play with my Barbie collection. She inspired me to be anything I wanted to be and still inspires little girls today! Now my daughter loves to play with her Barbie collection and the “Barbie DreamHorse” has become one of the favourite pieces of her collection.

Barbie Dreamhorse

The “Barbie DreamHorse” comes with everything that your little girl need to go on a horseback riding adventure! It comes with 1 Barbie, 1 Riding Helmet, 1 Bunch of Carrots, 1 Comb and the Horse.

The horse is turned on by pressing the button on it’s belly. It features sounds and motion and will interact with your little one via sound and touch sensors. Touching the horse just above it’s tail will start your horse walking and touching it on the left or right hind quarters will make it walk in circles in that direction. The horse will also nuzzle you if you rub it on the left or right side of chest. When you put the carrots into the horses mouth it will begin to munch on the carrots.

You can talk to the horse and it will respond to you. We have had limited success in making this work, but I think it has to do with the extra noise happening at our house!

There is also a “fun” mode that you can enter by pressing the button behind the saddle. The horse will dance to three different songs.

The horse doesn’t have a smooth walk, it reminds my daughter a bit of a Zombie horse walking and it slips a little bit on very smooth surfaces.

When Barbie is ready to start on her adventure you can simply attach her to the saddle with the help of a special clip. Barbie’s arms and legs are easily posed, making it easy for your child to place Barbie on the horse. Barbie hands fit through the reins and her feet fit in the stirrups, which makes it feel like Barbie’s is really riding. The saddle can not be removed.

The horses main is soft and can be brushed. My daughter loves to put ribbon in it’s hair. We find that sometimes the hair gets caught in the neck as the horse moves it’s head.

The provided Barbie has a slightly different Barbie shape than our other Barbie dolls. The Barbie’s helmet, boots and shirt are removable, but her jeans and socks are painted on. My daughter doesn’t like that part of the Barbie because it makes it difficult to find dresses that don’t look silly with blue legs and feet.

The “Barbie Dreamhorse” comes with four AA batteries for the in-store try-me features. We didn’t realize that we needed to pull the little tab out to take it out of the “try-me” feature mode. It’s located right by the On/Off button.

“Barbie Dreamhorse Doll And Horse” is a great addition to any child’s Barbie collection and will provide hours of imaginative fun!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Barbie Dreamhorse Doll And Horse” through the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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