A Pair of Miracles

When life doesn’t turn out as we expect we have two choices, we can turn our backs to God or we can turn to him and ask him for the grace and courage to bring us through the difficulties. “A Pair of Miracles” by Karla Akins is the story of a woman how has put her life completely in God’s hands.

A Pair of Miracles

After becoming foster parents to a set of premature twin boys with fetal alcohol damage, life would never be the same for this pastor’s wife.

Within days of the babies entering Karla Akins home the world of her family revolved around the twins. The boys were hard to feed as infants and they developed into biting toddlers. At the age of eight they were not toilet trained and were non-verbal. What could be wrong?

By the age of four the twins had not reached any of the normal mile stones. In 1998 Autism was not well known. Visits to many doctors laid the blame for the very disruptive behaviour of the twins to incorrect parenting. Since the Atkins had adopted they were at a loss, then came the diagnosis of Autism.  Anger, frustrations and helplessness shook Karla to the core. She was offered many suggestions to deal with the twins. “Give up,” she was told. “Send one of the back,” was another suggestion. What could she do?

Here is where determination, education and faith in God is displayed in Karla Akins. She became an advocate for her twin boys in school, in Church and in public. It wasn’t an easy task as society felt that she should just give up.

Karla found her strength in prayer and in Bible verses. They were her anchor in the day to day struggle to help the twins. Karla recruited helpers and they were trained to work with the twins. Teachers were directed and educated in how to help and work with those with Autism. She spent endless hours of searching for ideas to engage the twins in day to day activities.

I’m not sure if this is a book about a set of twins with autism or the determination of a well educated Christian woman. Missing for me was how the older children in the Akins household felt about and dealt with the behaviour of the twins. How did they feel about the time their mother spent devoted to the twins?

If there is a downside to the reader it is trying to keep up with Karla who has a sharp mind and boundless energy and patience. She seems like a superhero that the average person couldn’t keep up with.

In general this book directs the reader back to the Lord and his constant care for us, his people. The appendix has many helpful ideas not only for families living with Autism but for every family. Many of the suggestions are things that all of us can incorporate into our daily lives.

“A Pair of Miracles” both frustrated me and inspired. Karla is an amazing woman, with an amazing heart and gift of amazing parenting. Check it Karla’s website, Twitter, or Amazon for more information.

I received a complimentary copy of “A Pair of Miracles” from Kregel Publishing in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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