Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

Soon the leaves will start changing and before we know it fall will be here. I love living in the country but the harvesting and cooler weather start to send the mice scurrying indoors to any warm place they can get. The “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap” is a good solution for our needs.

We need a way to control the mice that are coming into the shed and camper. The “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap” is a great solution for our needs. It works by using a high voltage shock that instantly kills the mice when they enter the upper chamber of the trap.

The trap is easy to set. You just need to insert the  4 ‘C’ batteries that are included. We had to purchase new ones as the ones that came with out trap were dead. Then bait the trap with peanut butter (use a Q-Tip so that you don’t leave your scent behind). Then turn the trap on and place along side of a wall.

We had our trap set up in our shed hoping to catch an intruder but we had no luck. Our “Snap” trap caught nothing either so we think our little mice friends haven’t arrived yet.

The unique design of the  “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap” means that you never had to see or touch your catch! The mice crawl up the staircase (located at the back) to reach the “Shock N’Drop Chamber”.

When the mouse enters the “Shock N’Drop chamber the metal plates are activated and the mouse is met with a high-voltage shock for a quick and effective kill. The traps chamber then rotates automatically dropping the dead mouse into the collection drawer and resets itself.

I like the fact that it’s “No-See, No Touch”. To dispose of the mouse you simply remove the traps chamber and dispose of your catch. If the children happen to see the trap there is no evidence to be seen!

The trap is ideal for someone who is unable to check their traps regularly. It is great for a cottage or shed where you may not be everyday.

With two little children around safety is always a concern. I like that there is no poison or chemicals involved in this trap. I am always concerned about little fingers making their way into places that they shouldn’t. I removed the batteries and had my children try to stick their fingers up into the chamber from the back staircase. They weren’t quite able to touch the metal plate and it was quite difficult to get their finger up in there. If I stick my finger in I can touch the edge of the plate. I’m not sure how far in you need to be to set the trap off and I didn’t want to turn it on to find out!

One the side of the unit is a sticker that shows you what each of the light colours and blinks means. I love that it’s attached to the unit so that you aren’t running around looking for the instructions.

While we haven’t caught anything with our “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap” we feel that is is a great solution for our needs. We hope to leave it in the camper over the winter and check on it periodically. The fact that it is multi-use is ideal for us.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap” from the Amazon Vine Program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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