Kinzd Wallet Review

My husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to our choices in wallets.Our wallet choices tend to reflect our personalities. He’s very organized, and prefers a slim wallet that holds the cards he uses everyday like his ID and Credit Card. He has a second wallet that he carries for all the “extra” cards. I am not as organized, so a single wallet to hold all my cards in one place is a must for me.

Kinzd Slim Wallet – Minimalist (RFID)

Pocket and bag space is always at a premium. Nobody wants to carry around more than they have to, which is why slim wallets are becoming more and more popular. Today we’re looking at the Kinzd slim wallet for Men (minimalist).

My generic slim wallet had 6 card slots (3 pockets on each side) and a centre pocket for cash. The layout of the Kinzd is slightly different and allows for an additional windowed ID slot. Even though there’s one additional slot, the wallet doesn’t appear to take up much, if any, more pocket space. In that window, there’s also a small oblong shaped opening that allows you to get a grip on your ID with a finger to get it out of the pocket without having to try and squeeze your fingers into a thin slot.

The build quality of the Kinzd seems quite good. I’ve been using it now for a month with all slots filled and the seams all appear to be in good shape. The stretching of the leather is minimal, but expected for all leather wallets. The nappa leather finish still feels quite smooth and soft. I opted for the brown finish myself, but this wallet is available in 4 colors to suit various tastes.

Another important thing to note, and something you should expect in any decent wallet now a days, is RFID protection. This wallet does provide RFID protection to keep you safe from someone using a scanner against your bag/back pocket/etc to try and steal your credit card numbers.

The Kinzd Slim Wallet For Men Minimalist comes in four different colors, is lightweight, has effective use of space for storage, has RFID protection so people can’t scan your cards through your pockets. I’m quite happy with my wallet and recommend it for anyone else who hates walking around with overly full pockets.

Accordion Wallet (RFID)

I’m not a very organized person. I need a wallet that allows me to store all my cards in one place. The Kinzd Accordion Wallet is the perfect wallet for me. It’s important for me that a wallet allows me to easily and quickly access my cards.

The Kinzd Accordian Wallet is divided into two sections. The first section has an ID window, 5 card slots and 1 cash compartment. This is where I put the cards that I use everyday. This section closes securely with a snap.

The second compartment has 10 accordion folds. This is where I put the “extra” cards that I like to carry with me. It has a heavy zipper that closes easily to help keep your cards safe. I will occasionally drop my change in this compartment but tends to get stuck under the accordion folds.

The Kinzd Accordion wallet also offers RFID protection to keep you safe from thieves trying to steal your credit card information.

Made of quality leather it is the perfect size to take with you, with or without a purse. I really love how this wallet helps make my life easier by organizing the important cards in my life. I no longer am rummaging around my purse (or car) for lost cards, they are all safe and secure in my Kinzd Accordion Wallet.

The Kinzd website carries various styles of wallets and other products. Check them out and find the perfect wallet for you! Get social with Kinzd on facebook, twitter, google+, youTube and instagram.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Kinzd Minimalist Wallet” and “Kinzd Accordian Wallet” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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