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My kids love to create things. We are constantly up-cycling toilet paper rolls into rockets, cardboard boxes into fairy houses and paper bags into puppets! Every one of these crafts requires an extreme amount of decorating! They have to be just perfect after all! The “Silly Scents Marker Maker” lets your little ones create the perfect colours for their creations!

The box itself is bright and colourful. My children were attracted to it right away and wanted to start creating their markers “now”.  The back of the box shows what is included inside.

When you open the box you will discover that everything is neatly packaged. This made it easier for my daughter to identify all the parts that she needed as she read through the instructions.

The box says ages 6 and up. I think this is pretty accurate, although my son who is five is able to make them with assistance. I read the instructions through on my own before we started and then handed them to my daughter to read through. They are simple enough for her to read and each one is accompanied by a picture.

It also comes with a colour chart that shows you how much of each colour to use. You can also create your own colour combinations. The colours on the chart are different shades of Blue, Green, Red, Purple, Yellow and Orange. My daughter was slightly disappointed that we couldn’t create a pink, but was thrilled with her final colour of a cherry red. The chart is simple to read and tells you exactly how much of each colour to choose. For example you use a ratio of 12 red to 3 blue to make a purple. We mistakenly believed this meant drops, but it’s not. When you add it the tube there are numbered lines that you fill to. It’s very important to not overfill and whatever your colour creation may be that it only adds up to 15 (the max fill line).

My daughter followed the instructions step-by-step on her own, although there were a few times she needed a bit of clarification. This is a great time to talk to your child about following instructions and why it’s important. While the instructions are quite clear in what to do there we times where we didn’t quite “get it” until we “did it”. The first step says to put the marker tip into the tube. Simple enough, but then we weren’t sure how far to push it in so we just guessed and stopped when it looked right.

The whole process it relatively mess free, barring any unforeseen spilling of the ink. You simple stand the tube inside the blue Snapping Tool and leave it there until you are ready to fill it.

The next step is by far my daughters favourite. This is where you start creating your new unique colour combination. The set comes with three colours – Red, Blue and Yellow. You can mix them in any combination you like or follow the chart. The ink containers are pretty tough to squeeze so you may need to add a helping hand. We also covered the table with a towel, just in case we spilled any.  It is fun to experiment with the colour and talk about what happens when you mix certain colours together.

When we squeezed out the ink we had some bubbles form in the top. There was no mention of this in the instructions so we chose to let them settle a bit, just to make sure we were at the 15 line on the Measuring Tube. While we waited she took the time to smell the markers, which she said smelled delicious!

The next step is to take the tweezers and slowly put the core into the Measuring Tube. It was pretty cool to watch how the colour was drawn up into the tube.

You could easily watch as the color spread upwards until there was no more left in the measuring tube. It takes a few minutes for it to be completely absorbed so this is a great time to have a quick science lesson on Absorption!

Transfer the core into the snapping tool with the help of the tweezers. It was easy to grab the core with the tweezers to do the transfer. Both the base of the Measuring Tube and the Snapping Tool are stable, so she wasn’t worried about tipping either over.

This was the most difficult part of the whole process, snapping the plug into the tube. It takes quite a bit of strength to snap it on. You will hear a couple of snaps when it’s in correctly. At first we thought it was finished but discovered that it wasn’t in quite all the way. This is the part where I had to help her and finish snapping it in.

After the marker is capped she had to let it sit for 5 minutes while the colour saturated the tip. We cheated a little bit and pulled the marker up and held it so we could watch the colour spread to the tip of the marker.

While she admired her work tested her new marker on the stickers provided I decided to clean up our mess. All I had to do was rinse out the measuring tube and it was done. It also comes with Scratch and Sniff stickers to decorate your markers with. She chose to use the sticker she coloured for her. We were a little disappointed that the sticker didn’t smell after it was coloured.

The “Silly Scents Marker Maker” do take some time for each one to complete so I would recommend making a set of 8 and saving the rest for another day! It does come with a special box that you can decorate and store your special creations.

I did some searching online and it looks that you can order refill kits online if you want to create even more colours. The kits still appear to contain only the three colours we have. My daughter would like to have more colour options – like creating Pink!

The “Silly Scents Marker Maker” is a hit in our house. My children love to create their own custom colours. I love that they are learning difference science skills without even realizing it! She learned how to follow instructions, colour mixing and even about absorption. My daughter is excited to get started on her next set of markers!


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Silly Scents Marker Maker” from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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