Bringing Up Baby: The Hidden Costs Of A New Arrival

There are few things in life more joyful and exciting than having a baby. Coming together with your partner to create new life is one of the greatest things that you will ever experience. Of course, any parent will tell you that your little bundle of joy comes with a whole heap of stress and panic as well! From worrying about every little dot and rash on their body to panicking about whether or not they’re developing at the correct rate, you’re probably going to spend the first year of your baby’s life in a constant stay of either euphoria or anxiety. But there’s one thing that can cause more worries than just about anything else: money. We all know that babies are far from cheap, but there are actually a fair few hidden costs that you might not have thought about before.

More space

Image Credit: natelegakisguru (Pixabay)
Image Credit: natelegakisguru (Pixabay)

You probably know this already, but babies are pretty small. Even the biggest new baby is still pretty tiny when you really get down to it. However, if you think that means that they aren’t going to take up much space in your home, then you’re sorely mistaken. Babies take up huge amounts of space between toys, diapers, blankets, high chairs, and everything else they need. Not to mention the space you need for the cot. All of these things are enough to make even a decent sized home seem tiny and cramped. Make sure that you’re sure that you have enough space for your new arrival or you could find yourself paying for a bigger place pretty soon.

Safer transport

It really is amazing how having a baby can change your perception of danger around you. When you’re young and independent, you can happily drive down the road in the same old rust bucket you’ve had since you were seventeen. But when your baby is born you look at your beloved car, and all you can see is a total death trap! A new car is an incredibly common purchase for new parents that many people forget to mention. Not only will you need a car with more safety features but you’ll want one with enough space for the whole family as well. Places like are great for finding a decent finance deal so that you’re not left too out of pocket. At least you can be sure that the new car will need repairs a lot less often!

Saving for their future

Image Credit: Peter Heeling (
Image Credit: Peter Heeling (

Before you have a baby, there’s no real reason for you to plan that far ahead into your future. As long as you know where your next meal is coming from and what you’re doing at the weekend, that’s probably good enough! However, once you start a family, the future seems much more real and concrete than you might have initially thought. Because of that, it’s a good idea to start thinking about saving for the future. Of course, don’t feel like you have to put away half your paycheck every month. Even a little bit each month can add up pretty quickly over time.


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