Precious Moments Forest Fairy Solar Light Garden Stake With Crackle Glass Ball

It’s summer time here in our little part of the world. Last year we were visited by the “Word” fairy. She dropped of fun little games over the summer for the kids with all their sight words they learned over the school year. The kids spent the springtime trying to guess which fairy would visit us this summer! The were excited to discover the “Precious Moments Forest Fairy” set up her home in our newly planted flower box.

Forest Fairy Precious Moments

The “Precious Moments Forest Fairy Garden Stake” is an adorable addition to any garden. The fairy is made of a quality resin, suitable for use outdoors in our Atlantic Canada summers. The green crackle glass globe lights up thanks to an LED light that is powered by a small solar panel.

Precious Moments Garden

Earlier this summer the children and I planted some petunias in a flower box around the lamp post on our campsite in hopes that a fairy may build her home in it. The kids were thrilled with their work and were super excited to discover that the “Forest Fairy” set up camp! The box was pretty enough before the fairy arrived, but she adds a little something extra to our garden.

Precious Moment Fairy Garden Stake

The “Precious Moments Forest Fairy Garden Stake” adds an little bit of whimsy to our flower box that the kids love. The little fairy is playing her magical flute calling all the forest creatures to her. It must be working because we had a family of squirrels try to build their home on our campsite just this week!

The globe has a soft glow at night, making it perfect to help light a walkway or small area. It stands about 25 inches high. The solar panel is a bit low for our flower bed and is continually being covered by our flowers, but if it was any higher I think it would detract from the look of the garden stake. The solar panel can be tilted up or down and there is an on/off switch on the back.

Precious Moments Night

The “Precious Moments” character brings back many memories of my childhood. Growing up my Aunt would often send me their little figurines and I feel so blessed to be able to share them with my children.

Our garden stake has been out in the garden for about a month and has shown no sign of weathering. We will take her in during the winter months to make sure she is around for next summer.

The  “Precious Moments Forest Fairy Garden Stake” is a whimsical addition to our summer garden. Check it out on the “Precious Moments Website” or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Precious Moments Forest Fairy Garden Stake” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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