Stop Giving Curb Appeal The Cold Shoulder

Have you ever heard the saying don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it doesn’t work for books, but it does work for houses. Every time a person walks past your property, they make a snap judgment. Maybe they think good things, but maybe they think bad things, too. And, no one wants a random stranger to view their home in a bad light because we all care too much about what other people think!

But, there is another reason to appease the drivers and the dog walkers – they are potential clients. The average person moves eight times in a lifetime, which means you probably won’t stay in your current residence for long. When the time comes, you will need to sell and quickly.

Or, you might just take pride in your property. After all, it cost you enough, so it should look the part. Whatever your agenda, it’s time to forget about the interior. For the time being, it’s all about the exterior.

Image Credit: falco (Pixabay)
Image Credit: falco (Pixabay)

Paint The Door

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at the outside of your home? If it isn’t the door, there is a problem. A door is the quintessential focal point of any property, so it should catch the eye. Doors that don’t lack the sparkle and shine they need to do their job effectively. Not the job of keeping intruders out – the one of making the house beautiful. To give it back its glow, try a new coat of paint. Painting over it will add a gloss which outdoor features lose over the years thanks to things like the weather. You can even try a brand new color to ensure it stands out from the crowd. While you’re at it, consider giving the whole house a paint makeover. It sounds like a big job, but the Graco x7 paint sprayer makes it easy. Then, the entire property will act as a focal point.

Clean The Windows

Where there is a door, there is usually a window. Whether this is specific design, no one knows. Well, someone will know, but that’s not the point. The point is that it’s useless sprucing up the door if the windows are worn-down. As soon as they notice the nice, new front door, their eyes will instantly see the old, dirty windows. There is no need for unclean windows because they are easy to fix. All it takes is a cloth, cleaning solution, and elbow grease. Before long, the glass will sparkle like the door frame. Speaking of frames, don’t forget about the ones around the windows. Just like the door, the wood needs sprucing up with a touch of paint and some stain. Be careful not to get any stain on the windows because warm, soapy water won’t get it to budge!

Image Credit: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (Flickr)
Image Credit: Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (Flickr)

Let There Be Light

With summer approaching, the outside lighting situation might not seem so important. And, in a way, it isn’t as important as it is in the autumn and winter months. Still, that doesn’t mean that it can’t play a part from June through August. The sun still sets in the summer, and the right lights can illuminate the property. It’s all about the mood that the lights create. For example, if you have a front garden, you need to hide the lights so that they are softer and not as sensitive. Not only will this make the style seem less harsh, but it will also add focus to the garden. Next, consider the style of the lights. If they are too ornate or extravagant, they can come across as ostentatious. Subtlety is the key, so try mid-sized lanterns to supplement the style. They are unique, yet they don’t feel pretentious either.

Maintain The Lawn

Lots of houses have lawns or gardens on the front instead of the back. If you’re lucky, you’ll have both, but forget about the back one for the moment. Passers-by can’t see the back garden, but they can see the front, and it has an instant effect. Any area of grass that is unkempt and cluttered gives the impression that the whole property is the same. It might not be true, but it’s what people think. To make them change their minds, you have to tidy up the lawn. A regular trimming of the grass is a small job, yet it makes all the difference. Then, there are the tools which are scattered everywhere. Move them into the shed, or put them in the backyard away from prying eyes. A bit of color never goes amiss, so a handful of plants and flowers always work a treat. There’s no need to go overboard, though, because you’re not entering the Royal Chelsea Flower Show.

Give It A Name

A typical house has one thing in common: it has a number. What most properties don’t have is a name. You see them every now and again, and they always catch your eye. Even if you think the name is ridiculous, it still has an effect. Plus, someone somewhere will find it cool. House names are like business logos. Why? It’s because the average homeowner doesn’t think they can call their home something fancy in the same way a business doesn’t think it deserves a logo. The truth is that anyone can ditch the numbers and opt for an exotic name. All it takes is a name that you like and a trip to the local housing authority. Then, everyone in town will start to call it by name instead of its number. You won’t believe the effect this has on people that walk past. ‘Goodness, this one must be fancy if it has a name!’

Image Credit: Phil Catterall (geograph photograph every grid square!)
Image Credit: Phil Catterall (geograph photograph every grid square!)

Don’t Be Cheap

Outdoor accessories almost always boost a home’s curb appeal. The term ‘almost’ is the key phrase in that sentence. Good quality additions look the part because they are pretty and practical at the same time. Bad quality accessories, on the other hand, look tacky and cheap. As the saying goes, you buy what you pay for, and that is certainly true regarding your curb appeal. It’s so easy to go for the cheap option. After all, you won’t use them that often, and when you do, they only have to serve a purpose. From a design point of view, people can spot cheap items from a mile away. It’s always a better idea to spend a little more money than less money. Unless you can find a bargain, there is no need to be a penny-pincher.

Neighbors From Hell

Want to hear something chilling? You can do everything in your power to renovate your house’s exterior and might not be enough. The reason for this is the next door neighbor. Because they are different people, they have different agendas. So, making the house gleam from the outside might not appeal to their sense of practicality. That’s fine as long as they don’t jeopardize your property. Overflowing trash cans and a jungle-like lawn don’t reflect positively on your house. Even though they aren’t the same, people can’t help but make judgments. It sounds unfair because it isn’t your fault, but you might want to give them a helping hand. Do they need to take care of the trash? Okay, you should offer to put any extra in your trashcan. Does the lawn need trimming? No problem because you can give it a once over when you mow your garden.

When you think about it rationally, ten to twenty minutes of your time is well worth the hassle for a clean and tidy neighborhood.

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