Label it with Avery Removable ID Labels

It’s almost camping season and with that comes the need to label lots and lots of items so they don’t get lost.  In an effort to keep the camper organized I like to use custom labels to help keep our stuff sorted.  “Avery Removable ID Labels” allows me to customize my labels to suit my immediate needs.

Avery Labels 6498

“Avery Removable ID Labels” come in a pack of 10 sheets, 30 labels per sheet (300 labels). The labels adhere nicely to most surfaces, simply peel and stick. When you want to remove them, simply peel them off and they remove cleanly with no sticky left behind!

“Avery Removable ID Labels” are a perfect solution for someone looking for a semi-permanent way to label their stuff. The labels will stay put once you apply them, but you can easily peel them off. I’ve peeled them off a variety of surfaces, a glass bottle, iPad case and the packaging of the label envelope and no sticky residue was left behind. I was even able to reuse the label again.

The labels are completely customizable. I used the Avery Design and Print feature to create my labels. Creating an account is free and easy to do. It allows you to save your designs for future use. They have an amazing amount of templates to use as well as you can create your own. You can add your own images (or use the ones they provide), change the font and colours of your text and so much more!

You can create a full sheet of labels at once, or customize them one at a time. I was able to cut and paste to create duplicate labels. I love that you can create individual labels. These would be create to create labels for toy room storage shelves, storage bins or even name tags. They are fast and easy to create. I love the clean look they give. The big draw back I find is that I never need to print 30 labels at once, I haven’t had the opportunity to try to run a sheet through a second time to see if I could simply print a few labels at a time.

The “Avery Removable ID Labels” are a great solution for anyone looking for labels that are easy to create, apply and remove!

*Disclosure: I received the “Avery Removable ID Labels” through the Amazon Vine Program.

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