Huge Design Tips For Tiny Bathrooms

Are you tired of the constant struggle you have with your tiny bathroom? If so, this post is for you. ‘The smallest room in the house’ is hard enough to deck attractively at the best of times, but when you have a tiny little space, it can seem an impossible task. However, there are several solutions to the small bathroom issue that can help you create a relaxing, attractive space that appeals to you – and your family. Let’s get started right away.

Image Credit: xusenru (Pixabay)
Image Credit: xusenru (Pixabay)


First of all, storage is vital when it comes to small bathrooms. Simply put, you when you are short on space, the slightest little bit of clutter can create an enormous amount of mess. Use slimline cupboards and give everything a home, and also use metal, wire basket units – you can get them freestanding for the corners of your bathroom and also attach them to your walls. Speaking of which…

Utilize Your Wall Space

It doesn’t matter how small your bathroom is, there is a vast amount of space available – just look at your walls. If you look upwards rather than eye level, there will be plenty of free space that you can use to attach cupboards, shelving units, and wire-framed units. Worried about too much on the eye? Go for glass-layered shelving units that will have less impact than wood. And also, think about investing in some floor-to-ceiling units that you can keep in your bathroom corner to save and utilize space at the same time.

Shower and Tub

A bath and a shower in your tiny bathroom are going to take up an enormous amount of room, and leave you little room for manoeuvre. So you have two choices – either look at shower baths or forego the tub altogether and invest in a corner shower. You will be surprised at how little space you need for a shower these days, thanks to some incredibly smart design.

Other Fixtures and Fittings

The toilet area is always a big issue in small bathrooms. Not only do you have to install the unit itself, but there often needs to be a lot of dead space surrounding it. You can minimize this by going for a corner toilet. You sink another thorny issue, but, again, there are plenty of designs out there especially for small areas. Go for thin sinks or even free-standing units that you can place almost anywhere to make the most of your space.


Finally, the decor you use in your small bathroom can help you make it look a lot bigger. Use lighter colours – both for paint and tiling – but be wary of using too much white, as it can make your water closet feel a little chilly during the winter months. Mirrors can help create the illusion of space, too – using large panes of mirrored glass can really open things up and add an extra dimension.

Any tips to add for small bathroom design tips? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below!


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