Trendy And Cheap Beef Cuts Chefs Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Cattle were domesticated over 10,000 years ago in ancient Africa and the Middle East. Since then beef has spread all over the world, and practically every major culture has some sort of beef dish. You would think that after thousands of years of cooking beef, pretty much everything about it would have been discovered by now. But now some upstart chefs are looking for new ways to make the meat exciting.

Image Credit: simlingpixell (Pixabay)
Image Credit: smilingpixell (Pixabay)

The term “chef cuts” has historically been used as a euphemism to describe difficult-to-cook parts of the animal. Some cuts of beef simply aren’t all that tasty and need an expert’s touch to bring out the delicate flavor. That would all be fine and dandy if chef cuts stayed in restaurants where they belong. Unfortunately, they don’t, and once they public has gotten a taste for them, they suddenly start appearing on supermarket shelves. The public then buys these cuts and wonders why they taste nothing like they did in the restaurant.

Consider short rib, for instance. A few years ago, butchers had to practically give this cut away. Nobody wanted it because there was hardly any meat on it and only experts really knew what to do with it. Today, though, thanks to restaurants, people want it poached in red wine, shredded on pasta and ground into tomato sauce.

So what other trendy new cuts are doing the rounds among chefs at the moment? Could you try any of them at home?

Boneless Chuck Short Ribs

Boneless chuck short ribs might sound like they’re a cut from the other short ribs you’ve probably seen on menus in restaurants. But the cut is actually from an entirely different part of the animal – the chuck shoulder to be precise.

According to chefs, the chuck region has a lot more collagen than regular cuts, making it ideal for braising as well as grilling. Once it’s cooled on the plate you’re ready to carve. Make sure you get yourself a good quality carving knife. This one gets good reviews and sure looks good in the kitchen, too! The great thing about boneless chuck short ribs is that they can be prepared in advance, ready to wow your family, your kids or your guests when they arrive.
Filet of Sirloin

Filet of sirloin is also sometimes called “baseball steak.” Although it’s not as tender as regular filet or as expensive, chefs have discovered that it can be just as flavourful, when correctly prepared. According to Forbes, chefs have been cooking filet of sirloin for around a decade, and it’s finally turning up at the grocery store. It’s smaller than regular filet, which is perfect at a time when consumers are asking for smaller steaks and bigger piles of dauphinoise potatoes.

Denver Cut Steak

Denver cut steaks tend to be very well marbled, meaning that they have the ideal amount of fat running through the meat for a tender and tasty flavor. Denver cuts, also known as the under blade steak, is taking off right now, and not just in Colorado. According to some chefs in the know, it might just be the next big thing. Denver cuts are derived from the continuation of the short rib from the chuck, giving them a similar texture to boneless chuck short ribs. One for the family?

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