Spring Book Festival – March 27-29, 2017

Spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the world. After a long winter I look forward to the “newness” that spring brings with it. New flowers, fresh spring breezes and longer sunny days. ┬áThere is no better way to celebrate the “new” that comes with spring than with a new book! March 27-29. 2017 is the Navigating Indieworld Spring Book Festival!

There is a whole world of books to explore out there, but how do you find the perfect book for you? So many amazing books are lost to readers because of limited advertising budgets. An amazing group of Indie authors have banded together to create “Navigating Indieworld”, a place where all indie authors can promote their books to people like you and me!

Check out the Navigating Indieworld Spring Book Festival! A wide variety of books await you there! Show your support to an indie author and discover a new world of books!

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