Rice and Rocks

Our little island is becoming more and more diverse. Each year there is a multi-cultural street fair where we celebrate the different cultures that are present on our island. It’s an amazing time where the kids can explore foods, activities, games, art and crafts, displays, music and performances. “Rice and Rocks” is a celebration of different cultures coming together around the dinner table.

“Rice and Rocks” is a the story of a young boy named Giovanni who goes on a magical adventure around the globe with his Auntie and pet parrot.  Giovanni’s friends are coming over for Sunday dinner and his grandmother is making a traditional Jamaican dish of rice and beans or “Rice and Rocks” as Giovanni calls it. He is worried that his friends will think the dish is weird. His favourite Auntie comes to the rescue and takes him on a magical adventure around the globe where they visit other places where people eat “Rice and Rocks”.

“Rice and Rocks” is a story that celebrates friends, family and family traditions. I love that Giovanni’s family has a Sunday tradition of eating together as a family. There is no better way to connect together with loved ones than around the dinner table, I love how this reflects how we eat together as a family for supper as well. My children don’t always want to eat at the table with us, and this story shows that it’s not just “Mom’s rule” that they have to eat the table, but that it’s something that families all over the world do together.

The author, Sandra L. Richards, takes us on a journey to Japan, Puerto Rico and New Orleans in the United States. We discover that there are similarities between every culture. Giovanni discovers that “Rice and Rocks” is a meal that is served in various forms around the world. I love how this teaches us that while we are all different, if we look closely we can find a common thread, and it’s that thread that can bring us together as family and friends!

The illustrations are wonderful, full of energy and bright colours. I love the image of Jasper, he looks like he would be the perfect traveling companion.  I found the text difficult to read on my tablet, but it was much easier to read in the Kindle Cloud Reader on my laptop.

The story offers so many opportunities for conversation with your children. Take the time to discuss what traditions you have a family and which ones are your favourite. My favourite question to ask the kids is about what “new” tradition they would like to start.

“Rice and Rocks” is an amazing adventure that spans the globe and celebrates the things that bring us together. Visit the author’s website for teacher resources or connect via twitter, Instagram, FacebookGoodreads or LinkedIn.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Rice and Rocks” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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