Ellie Camps Under the Stars

The snow is melting and spring in in the air! The kids are excited for camping season and are counting down the days until we head out to the campground.  Until that happens, we’ll be planning our summer vacation and all the adventures we take! Maybe we’ll find some inspiration from Ellie and her friend Pudgy as we read “Ellie Camps under the Stars”.

“Ellie Camps under the Stars” by Marci and Elle Fair is the 6th installment in “The Amazing Adventures of Ellie the Elephant” . Ellie the Elephant and her best friend Pudgy the Penguin go on a camping adventure and explore the world around them. They set up a tent, go hiking, play games, make s’mores and go star gazing. What do Ellie and Pudgy discover in the world around and about themselves?

“Ellie Camps under the Stars” takes your child on a camping adventure, from hiking through the mountains, setting up a tent to making s’mores. Your child will discover all the fun things they can do while camping.

The illustrations are simply adorable, done in a scrapbook style, using a combination of “real-life” photos and scrapbook elements to create amazing imagery that any child will love.

“Ellie Camps under the Stars” has many lessons to teach us. As Ellie and Pudgy set up their tent we learn about teamwork and perseverance. This is a great time to talk to your kids about how they can work through difficult situations. Do you get angry and quit or do you take a moment to laugh and enjoy the moment for what it is?

We also learn about caring for the environment. After  Ellie and Pudgy have their meal they are careful to pick up all their mess. Take a moment to talk about why it’s important to clean up after yourself especially when you are exploring the world around you.

One of my favourite thing about Ellie and Pudgy is that they can have amazing adventures without the use of technology. They spend the day and evening together without using a tablet, cell phone or a computer. Instead they enjoyed the world around them and spent the evening making s’more and gazing at the stars. I love how the author’s take the time to show us both the Orion and the Big Dipper. My son can not wait for the first clear night so that I can show him the constellations in the sky.

“Ellie Camps under the Stars” is a fun story about two best friends who have the most amazing adventures together. Visit the author’s website for information or Amazon to purchase.


**Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Ellie Camps under the Stars” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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