How to Teach Your Dogs to Stop Barking

The dogs can be taught not to bark through few simple techniques like:

Image Credit: PDPics (Pixabay)
Image Credit: PDPics (Pixabay)
  • Removing the things that motivate them to bark
  • Ignore their barking
  • Make them less sensitive to stimulus
  • Teach quiet command to your dogs
  • Ask your dog to do incompatible things
  • Tire out your dog

By following these techniques you can teach your dogs to stop barking as easily as training other skills, such as: coming when called, potty training, standing on 2 legs, etc. Though nothing can be achieved overnight still you can achieve your target by using some of these techniques consistently and cool heartedly.

When you teach your dogs to stop barking you should consider certain other things also like:

  • Why dogs bark? If you can find out the reasons of their barking you can easily stop them from barking.
  • You should not yell on them as it can confuse your dogs.
  • While training your dogs you should involve your entire family to handle them positively
  • Sometimes dogs bark inappropriately but you should not let them go with this bad habit

Brief information about the techniques stated above is provided here under so that you can follow them more effectively.

Remove the things that motivate the dogs to bark
When a dog barks it is a kind of rewarding situation otherwise dogs usually do not bark. Instead of allowing your dog to bark continuously, you will have to find out why he is barking and remove the thing that instigates him.

Ignore their barking

Image Credit: geralt (Pixabay)
Image Credit: geralt (Pixabay)

Sometimes dogs bark to attract the attention of their owner. If you see no obvious reason of his barking then you can ignore him as well as his barking. Instead of looking at him, touching him and talking to him you should leave him on his own. He will quiet after some time. You can reward him a treat after he quiets. This technique is also a test of your patience. If you get irritated from his long barking then your dog will bark for longer period next time to draw your attention.

Make your dog less sensitive to the stimulus

Counselling (Pixabay)
Image Credit: Counselling (Pixabay)

If something or person that cannot be avoided in your home stimulates your dog to bark then you can teach your dog to remain away from them or make him familiar to them gradually. It will reduce his sensitivity for that particular thing or person and will stop barking on them gradually. You can also give your dog good treats while bringing him closure to the stimulus. Your dog will gradually learn that the stimulus is not a right thing to bark on.

Teach quiet command to your dog
You may not consider this point sensible but it can be effective if you insist on it. First of all you will have to teach your dogs to bark on your command. Though this trick is time taking but it will have permanent effect on your dog.

You should train him to speak on your order. If he barks 2-3 times then you can bring a tasty thing towards his nose. The dog will stop barking to sniff the treat. Then you should give him the treat and praise him. Similarly you can teach him quiet command in a non-distracting environment. Your dog will gradually change his behavior and start barking & keeping quiet on your command by repeating this exercise times and again.

Ask your dog to do incompatible things
You can ask your dog to do something that is not compatible with his barking, when he starts barking. Instead of reacting on his barking on a stimulus you can encourage him to do things that can restrain him from barking like go to his mat and lay down etc.

Tire up your dog

947051 (Pixabay)
Image Credit: 947051 (Pixabay)

You should involve your dog sufficiently in mental and physical exercises daily to tire him up. Some dogs usually bark due to frustration or boredom. For this reason, tired dogs are supposed to bark less than others. Your dog may like to play the games like playing with interactive toys, chasing the ball or long walks every day depending upon his age, health and breed.

In conclusion, you can easily teach your dog to stop barking by strictly following the techniques discussed in this write-up. Please remember to always keep patient when training your dogs, then you can soon get awesome consequence.

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