Surprise Your Co-Workers With These Unique Gift Baskets

There are several events in which you need to find an amazing gift for your co-workers. You may be attending a holiday party or celebrating a retirement. The following list contains five unique corporate gift baskets that are sure to make your co-worker smile.

Image Credit: image4you (Pixabay)
Image Credit: image4you (Pixabay)

Pawsome Friends Gift:

If you work with an animal lover or in a veterinary clinic, this is the perfect gift basket for your co-worker. Your co-worker is sure to love the cookies and chocolate, and their dog or cat is sure to appreciate the tasty pet treats. The best part is you can customize the gift to include only treats for your co-worker or treats for both them and their four-legged friend.

The Chateau Wine Gift:

Treat your co-worker to a classy gift with the Chateau Wine Gift Basket. Your co-worker will love washing down their wine vineyard cheese and American Vintage Wine Biscuits with a glass of delicious wine. The gift basket includes a hardwood cheese board for cutting and displaying the contents. It is a great way to thank your co-worker for all their hard work.

Wine and Cheese Gift Box:

The Wine and Cheese Gift Box is another great choice for a classy gift. Your co-worker can blend the Wine Glace’ with their favorite wine to make a Wine-a-Rita. It also includes delicious gourmet cheese and crackers to go with their wine. A wine and cheese box is perfect for birthdays, promotions and retirements.

Soups On! Gift Basket:

Are you sending a gift basket to cheer up your favorite co-worker? There is nothing like the Soups On Gift Basket to lift their spirits. This thoughtful gift basket is full of goodies such as Ranch House chicken soup mix, butterscotch and coffee. Every basket includes a decorative dish towel to adorn their kitchen.

Simple Pleasures of Coffee:

A cup of coffee is just what your co-worker needs to face the day. The Simple Pleasures of Coffee is a great gift for birthdays, holidays or just to show someone how much you care. Your co-worker will open this gift to find several packets of coffee, caramel corn and a cookie. The gift basket also includes the Simple Pleasures of Friendship book by Susannah Seton. The contents are arranged inside a colorful, whimsical floral mug.

You can have almost any gift basket or gift box personalized with an uplifting message for your co-worker. It is a great way to lift their spirits or celebrate a special occasion.


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