“Rufus Finds a Home” by Theodore Jerome Cohen

My children love animals and their little hearts broke when our cat passed away last May. While they understood it was time for “Buddy” to go to heaven, they are having a hard time understanding why we haven’t gotten another pet. For us (the parents) it’s an easy decision for two reasons –  my daughter is allergic to cats, and feels so much better now that our home is pet free and we are gone so often we don’t have time to properly care for the dog that my son so desperately wants. “Rufus Finds a Home” is a book that helped me show my children that sometimes the most difficult decisions are sometimes the best decisions.

“Rufus Finds a Home” by Theodore Jerome Cohen is the story of a beautiful and playful Golden Retriever and his aging owner Charlie. Things are changing for Charlie and Rufus. Charlie is finding it more and more difficult to care for Rufus properly. He experiences memory lapses and sometimes forgets Rufus outside, and when Rufus wants run and play, Charlie is unable to play with him like he used to. Charlie makes the difficult decision to find a new home for Rufus. Will Charlie find a new and loving home for Rufus before he moves in with his daughter?

“Rufus Finds a Home” that will tug at your heartstrings. It is a story of true compassion, caring for others and doing the right thing even when it’s a heartbreaking decision. Your heart breaks for Charlie that he has to give up Rufus. Your heart leaps for joy for Rufus, that he has found a home with some children who are able to run and play with him and for the friendship that Charlie and Rufus will have for years to come with a little help from his new friends.

“Rufus Finds a Home” is geared to children in Grades 1 and 2. The illustrations are simply adorable and will appeal to any dog lover out there. Rufus is shown doing the laundry, playing fetch and even wearing bunny ears for Easter! The illustrations added so much to the story. My son who is just starting to read, was able to use the images to help him figure out the story on his own. Both children loved to reach out and touch each image, almost as if they were trying to pet Rufus.

The story is so relevant to our family right now. My son wants a dog more than anything in the world, but like Charlie in the story, we just aren’t able to give a dog all the things that it needs to be happy and healthy.  Having a dog in our lives right now, just isn’t something that would be kind nor fair to any pet. My son and I talked about why Charlie decided to give up Rufus and compared it to our situation. He drew a parallel between Charlie moving into his daughters house and us heading out to the campground during the summer months where dogs are allowed but have very restricted freedom.  We talked about how Charlie forgot Rufus outside one day and the dog had to wait for Charlie to remember to let him in and compared it to how we aren’t home during the day and a dog would be left all on his own.  “Rufus Finds a Home” helped my son understand that right now, while we would love a dog dearly, a dog needs more than just love. While it is a difficult decision to not have a pet that my son would love with all his heart, we need to do what is best for that pet and not let our own selfish wants get in the way.

My son did his own review of “Rufus Finds a Home”, check out his video to see what he thinks and then do a little “Rufus” craft along with him!

“Rufus Finds a Home” is a story to read to any animal lover. It is a book that will help teach your child compassion and about caring for others, humans and animals alike. Check out “Rufus Finds a Home” on Mr. Cohen’s website to learn more.


*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Rufus Finds a Home” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.




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