Pepe Builds A Nest

Like most children, mine argue with each other a lot. While it’s tempting to step in the middle and resolve it myself, I try to stand back and let them come to a resolution themselves. Some days that is the hardest thing to do, especially when I can an easy way to solve the problem. As a parent it’s important to help your child learn to resolve conflicts on their own. “Pepe Builds a Nest” shows how Pepe handles a conflict with another Penguin who threatens his nest.

“Pepe Builds a Nest” by Theodore Jerome Cohen, is the story of a penguin named Pepe. Pepe and Miss Amber need a nest and it’s up to Pepe to build it. He searches high and low for the best rocks to build a perfect home but another penguin keeps stealing his stones. Discover how Pepe and his friends work together to resolve the problem.

Written for children in grades 1 and 2, “Pepe Builds a Nest” addresses the important topic of bullying. We like to think that bullying doesn’t happen, but it does and it needs to be talked about.  Our children need to know how to recognize when we or a friend is being bullied and how to deal with the situation. The story reinforces the idea that it’s important to stand up for ourselves and others when we feel bullied.

“Pepe Builds a Nest” reminds us that there are consequences to each choice we make. When Otto sees Pepe’s nest of stones he is jealous and makes the the poor decision to steal his stones. Take this time to talk to your little ones about what they would do differently than Otto.

The story also demonstrates how we can find friends in unlikely places.  Pepe’s story is one that my daughter can relate to. Last year she encountered a bully at school and like Pepe, instead of retaliating she decided to be his friend.

The illustrations are simply adorable. My children loved the penguins. Our favourite page is the one of Otto tip-toeing (can penguins tip-toe?) over to steal the stones. The story is easily read aloud, perfect for reading in the classroom. The author has even included links to some penguin activities on his website. My daughter loved the last image in the book the best, a picture of Mr. Cohen and the penguins in Antarctica.


“Pepe Builds a Nest” is a beautiful story about two penguins that become unlikely friends. Check out “Pepe Builds a Nest” on Mr. Cohen’s website to learn more.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Pepe Builds a Nest” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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