The Art Of Mixing Old Decor With New

If you are house proud in any way, you will know the importance of keeping up with interior trends. However, just as with the clothing market, keeping up with trends can be tiring and full of risk. If you choose to decorate a room with a specific, brand new trend in mind, it may look great for the initial few months – but once the trend has died and a new one is in its place, you will want to change the whole thing again. This is why it is always best to choose a room style that is timeless, rather than just something that’s in fashion at the moment. One way of ensuring that your interiors always look innovative yet classy is by mixing old and new styles. That way, you can make a nod towards contemporary trends, without kitting out your entire room like that. Here are some of the best ways to nail the vintage-meets-modern interior style. - Snufkin (Pexels)
Image Credit: – Snufkin (Pexels)

Make the most of old features

If you already have features in your home that appear aged, make the most of them! Having a ready-made architectural backdrop means you can simply add modern furniture such as noir décor over the top and you have the ‘old-meets-new’ look down to a tee. One of your period features could be an old paneled wall, or maybe you have exposed brickwork in your property. It could even be old wooden beams, which can give a great rustic, loft-apartment kind of look when paired with minimalist interiors. But these period features do have a shelf life and will only continue to look good if you put the effort into them, so it can definitely be worth learning how to take care of them.

Learn the difference between antique and clutter

A huge part of getting the modern classic look right is knowing when an item is truly quality vintage, and when it is just trash.Investing in chic vintage pieces will give an edge of class to your home, especially when paired against modern favorites. Plus, thanks to the rise of modern homeware brands such as IKEA, buying modern furniture doesn’t have to be expensive – meaning you can afford to spend more money on a truly fabulous antique item. The benefit of buying real antiques too is that your home soon starts to tell a story – something that’s totally priceless.

Image Credit: Mary Witney (Pexels)
Image Credit: Mary Whitney (Pexels)

Don’t overdo it

You might have loads of different decorative items you are just desperate to display around your home. But, before you start distributing, stop and rein yourself in for a second. There is such thing as ‘too much of a good thing’ and with this trend, it is better to keep it subtle. If you have a really fabulous vintage piece of art in one room, keep the other bits of antique decor to a minimum. Mixing old with new can work and can bring a sense of individuality to your home, but only if you remember the importance of subtlety.

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