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As my kids are growing up they are looking to become more independent. As a parent it can be hard to give them the freedom they crave, especially when they are online. As adults we know the dangers that lurk in the online world, while our children see it through the eyes of innocence. “Kids Email” is here to help you give your child some freedom while online, all the while helping you to keep them safer online!

I recently explored the Parental controls with Kids Mail.  I created two email accounts, one for my daughter who is 7 and one for my son who is 5. Each child is at different levels in their computer usage and written comprehension. For my daughter, I created a teen account which has a look and feel tailored to older kids.

“Kids Email for Teens” has it’s own unique login that the has a more mature look that appeals to my daughter. With her teen account she also gets a more mature sounding email – (instead of  My daughter is really excited to have her own email account and I am happy that I still can maintain some control over it.

There are several background that you child can choose from. We both find many of them very busy and settled on a simple pink background.  The Inbox shows all your child’s mail, unread mail showing up in bold. Your child can create folders to help organize saved mail.

Writing email is simple with “Kids Email”. It uses a simple word editing interface that most of us are familiar with. You can use basic formatting features like Bold, Italics and underline. There are some basic fonts to choose from as well as several other options to make your message looks as awesome as you like.

I created a “Very Simple” account for my son. It has a fun login screen that appeals to the kid in him.

It functions much the same as the standard account and the teen version with a few exceptions. The “Very Simplified” setting removes the Folders and the ability to move messages to folders. It also removes the contacts menu from this initial screen, but they still appear when you are sending your email.


The very simple setting will remove the Folders and Contacts menu items, remove the ability to move messages to folders. The send attachments button is also removed. There are several fun backgrounds for this as well, and again I find many of them too busy and distracting.

My favourite part of the simplified version is that there is a draw image option. Simply click on the paint palette and your child can start drawing and the picture is attached to your email ready to send. This is an amazing feature for little ones who are unable to write yet!

When your child receives and email, there is an amazing feature called “Read It” which reads the email to your child. I haven’t been able to make it work on the online version, but I did have success making it work on the app. This is really cool. It gave my son the ability to “read” the email without me peering over his shoulder. I’ll discuss this more when I review the app.

There is a third setting that is the default account that is created when you set up email accounts for your children. Take a few moments to explore which is the best setting for your children.

All three accounts give you access to the contacts list so that your child only has to click on a button to include the email address into their email. They can be identified by pictures which makes it easy for young children to send emails to their intended recipients.

I did notice that I was able to log in with both and in both login screens. I am also able to send email to both domains so your younger child may grow into their account over time.

“Kid’s Email” is a full email program, that gives your child the freedom to send and receive email in a safer setting.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary subscription to “Kids Email” in exchange for me review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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