Reasons to Continue Your Education at Home

You already have a lot on your plate with all the things you do to care for your family. Why add to it by going back to school? Believe it or not, the ideal time to complete school is while your kids are still young.

If you complete your education while homemaking, you will be poised to return to the workforce full time when your children are more independent. Besides, you never know when you may need to return to the workforce to supplement your family’s income. Here are reasons to continue your education while you are home with children.

Image Credit: Foundry (Pixabay)
Image Credit: Foundry (Pixabay)

Attend School Online

For moms, flexibility is important. That is why educational opportunities that incorporate online lessons are so appealing for busy adults. Check out the varieties of online hybrid courses and degree options in your area. Some programs exist that require a limited amount of class sessions with all other work done online.

There are a growing number of opportunities to complete your education completely online from quality universities. You get to attend school at home and on your own schedule. Online schooling is a match made in heaven for busy moms that may have an inconsistent schedule due to children’s activities, nap times, or illnesses. The University of Southern California offers an online communications degree that can prepare you for management positions in the future.

Maximize Your Ability to Advance

Many women that interrupted their careers to stay home with young children see additional education as a way of working on career advancement in their chosen fields. If you were a teacher before you had a family, perhaps you would like to ascend in the education field when the kids enter school. Click here to see how you can take your education degree and experience to the next level.

Reinvent Your Career

The pursuit of education while your kids are still at home gives you the opportunity to re-invent your career. If you earned a business degree when you were younger, maybe you want to pair it with education in information technology to go a whole new direction in your professional life. Contacts made in school can be a catalyst to getting networked in your new career choice.

Be a Role Model for Your Kids

When your children see you going back to school to make a better future for the family, they will learn lessons of hard work, motivation, and persistence. They can feel proud that their mom was successful at gaining new skills and confidence.

Boost Your Earning Power

Education can give you the competitive edge that translates into more earning power. College graduates stand to earn about $1 million more over a 40-year career than high school graduates. In addition, more education may provide you with more job security when economic times are tough.

The decision whether or not to continue your education is not easy. There are many things to consider before making the commitment to start school again. Assess the actual time you have available to pursue your education and if you have the support of family and friends when your schedule gets demanding. If you decide that you are able to go back to school, the benefits should highly outweigh the hardships and inconveniences.


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