Postie’s Great Journey

On a blustery winter day, we love to do nothing more than snuggle on the couch and read stories together. Today is one of those days! While the storm outside is blowing we are reading about “Postie’s great journey” and dreaming that we are traveling to Italy with him!


“Postie’s great journey” by Emilia Morgan, is the story of Postie the mail van. When a very important package needs to be delivered to Venice, a city on the water, Postie the mail van wheels up to the challenge.  Will he make it to Venice in time to deliver the package? Is it true that people use boats to get around?  How will he navigate the city?

“Postie’s great journey” is a story about problem solving. When Postie is faced with a problem he doesn’t become flustered. He works out a solution. This is a great time to talk to your children about what to do when they are faced with a problem. Do we cry and get upset or do we try and find a solution.

The story is also about responsibility. Postie accepts the very important job of delivering a parcel but gets distracted by a carnival on his way. Take a few moments to talk to your child about being responsible…even when it’s not convenient or fun!

“Postie’s great journey” has short chapters that are perfect for reading before bedtime or for children just being introduced to chapter books. There are a few images placed throughout the book to help keep your child’s interest, my daughter likes this as she hasn’t quite outgrown her love of picture books. The book has been translated, so instead of using double quotations to denote conversation, each conversation starts with a dash. While this is unfamiliar to me, my daughter who is taking French Immersion found it familiar. The book is very easy to follow and is a wonderful story for young children between the ages of 4 and 8.

I love that this book is perfect for both boys and girls.  While my son enjoyed reading about Postie and the other vehicles in the story, my daughter was interested to know if the wedding dress is ever delivered on time.

“Postie’s great journey” is a fun story about Postie’s journey to Venice and we look forward to reading more about his adventures in the next books!

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*Disclosure: I have received a free copy of “Postie’s great journey” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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