Postie and the Poachers

My children love animals. Last year my daughters class participated in a popsicle sale to raise funds to adopt endangered animals. My daughter was excited to do her part to protect wildlife and the natural spaces they call home! “Postie and the Poachers” is a story that will appeal to your little animal rescuer.

“Postie and the Poachers” by Emilia Morgan, is the story of Postie the Mail Van and his woodsy adventure. When Postie is done of his work for the day, he travels to the woods to visit the Forest Ranger. When Postie discovers that there are poachers in the woods he teams up with the Forest Ranger to catch the offenders before they can hurt any animals. Will the brave duo succeed?

“Postie and the Poachers” is a gentle introduction to the dangers that some animals face at the hands of poachers. The author has skillfully created a story that shows the danger yet isn’t graphic and bloody. The book is a great opportunity to speak with your children about ways that each of us can help in danger.

The story also is a great time to talk to your children about what they can do if they see dangerous traps in the woods. Snares and barbed wire are extremely treacherous to both animals and humans. It’s important for your little ones to know that they shouldn’t touch it, but to go and alert and adult can help.

It is a great beginner chapter book for children. The chapters are short, making the great for young readers or to read aloud at bedtime. The book has been translated, so instead of using double quotations to denote conversation, each conversation starts with a dash. While this is unfamiliar to me, my daughter who is taking French Immersion found it familiar. There are images throughout the chapters to hold your child’s attention.

“Postie and the Poachers” is a great story that will inspire your children to learn more about how they can help animals that are in danger.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Postie and the Poachers” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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