Coupons for Good: How to Find Deals Without a Huge Headache

None of us want to pay more than we need to for the goods and services we use. However, extreme couponing and scouring the internet for great deals can be a real headache. Who’s got time for that? But there’s some good news. With these sneaky online shopping strategies, you can always find a great deal without the headaches.

Use Group Buying Websites

Image Credit: StormKatt (Flickr)
Image Credit: StormKatt (Flickr)

Group buying websites like Groupon and LivingSocial use people power to help their members secure goods and services at a fraction of their usual price. The sites typically offer life’s little luxuries, like salon visits, restaurant meals, and other treats.

A minimum number of shoppers must commit to the product or service before each deal goes ahead. If there isn’t enough interest, your credit card is never charged.

Traditionally, after buying a deal, you’d print a Groupon coupon to redeem at the merchant. However many group buying websites now also mail products like appliances and toys directly to your door.

Sign Up for Retailer Deals

Many retailers reward the members of their mailing lists with deals delivered directly to their inbox. Membership is almost always free, and it could come with perks like early access to sales, discount coupons on your birthday, and exclusive deals. Simply sign up to the mailing lists of your favorite retailers and wait for the deals to roll in.

Use Price Comparison Websites

Price comparison websites like Google Shopping and Nextag aggregate the prices from a variety of leading retailers to save you from having to shop around. Simply type in the names of products you’re interested in, like food processors or sandals, and let your favorite price comparison website do the rest. Using a price comparison site is a great way to make sure you never overpay for the items on your wish list.

Visit Coupon Websites

Coupon websites take clipping coupons into the digital age. Sites like Coupons for Good aggregate coupons for leading retailers, allowing users to find a variety of promo codes all at one place. For example, you can usually find Shutterfly coupons offering complimentary shipping, percentages off select items or your entire shop, and free address labels. Following coupon sites on social media, like the Coupons for Good’s Shutterfly Facebook page, will alert you to new deals.

Shop in Incognito Mode

It’s a little known fact that some online retailers use your shopping history against you. An airline carrier employee admitted in a Reddit thread that his company monitors your cookies and raises the price on its airline tickets the more often you check them as you shop around. This dirty trick makes you think the prices are on the up as seats are sold, forcing you into an inflated sale so you don’t miss out.

So what can you do about it? Simply set your browsing preference to incognito mode. This allows you to do all the shopping around you like without any penalties.

Never pay too much or waste your time and patience again! With these online shopping strategies you can always find a great deal.

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