Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo

I grew up watching Sesame Street and I still love the characters today. I love Bert singing about keeping the park clean for the pigeons, and Ernie singing about his rubber ducky and who can forget the furry little red monster, Elmo. Even in high school I wore an Elmo baseball shirt til it was a rag.  The “Sesame Street Love2Learn Elmo” is the perfect way to share my love of Sesame Street with my own children.

Love2Learn Elmo

“Love2 Learn Elmo” is an interactive toy that lets your child’s imagination run wild while Elmo plays games, sings and makes silly sounds. Your child can clap Elmo’s hands together to learn all about letters, numbers, colours, shapes and even animals!

To start playing with Elmo you simply give his nose a squeeze and squeeze it again to stop playing games or songs. If you hold Elmo’s hand he’ll will start singing a silly song with your child. Clapping Elmo’s hands together starts an alphabet game. If you tickle his belly he laughs and if you tap his hands on his belly he’ll play music (clapping his hands together changes instruments).

My favourite part is the expanded play features that you get when you download the “Love2Learn Elmo” app onto your mobile device. Through the app you can customize your Elmo to suit your child.  You can set your child’s name. My son has a fairly common name, so I wasn’t surprised when I found it in the list. My daughter has a slightly more unique name, and while I didn’t find her full name there I did find her nickname.


You can set your child’s favourite things so Elmo can talk about them during game play. There is a setting for Content Stages as well, which lets you choose the preferred level of play for your child. There are three Stages, each increasing in difficulty.  You can also choose a subject – letters, numbers, animals, shapes or colour, and Elmo will incorporate these into his gameplay.

In the “Love2Learn Elmo” you can also set the Parent Helpers. This part is amazing. Parents can select phrases and songs that Elmo can say in real time. They will encourage your child in real time, all you need to do is simply press a button on your app. I know several parents who struggle getting their children to spend the right amount of time brushing their teeth, “Love2Learn Elmo” can sing a 2 minute toothbrushing song with encouraging words. He covers the following topics – Brushing Teeth, Potty Training, Healthy Eating, Clean Up, Manner, Military Parents and my favourite Belly Breathing. When my son is getting upset I can have Elmo intervene and says “When Elmo feels bad, Elmo likes to belly breathe. Put your hand on your belly, and slowly breath in”. This is a great way to help my son calm down.

I dislike sending my children to bed with talking toys. Thankfully Elmo has a lullaby mode where he’ll sing a lullaby and say goodnight to your little one. The only other thing he will do in this mode is play a lullaby when you squeeze his nose.  This is a great feature so that Elmo doesn’t start talking in the middle of the night.

“Love2Learn Elmo” also has a privacy mode that you can if you are concerned about your child’s privacy when you go out. This prevents Elmo from saying your child’s name in public.

Your child can play fun games with the Love2Learn Elmo toy and app. This combination adds up to hours of fun! You can play “Cooking With Cookie”, “Spot the Animals” or “Flashcard Fun”. This is probably my son’s favourite part of playing with Elmo.

I found Elmo hard to understand sometimes, but this isn’t so much the fault of the toy as I find him hard to understand when he’s on TV as well. I find keeping the volume at a middle volume helps.  I also find that the sensors sometimes aren’t sensitive enough, especially when we try to make Elmo laugh.

“Love2Learn Elmo” is a fantastic toy for children 18months to 4 years old. While the app isn’t required to play with him, I would highly recommend downloading it for the added interactivity that it adds to the toy.

*Disclosure: I received a free “Love2Learn Elmo” as part of the Amazon Vine program.


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