Put Money In To Get More Money Out: How To Add Value To Your House

Want to sell your property? If your home is looking shabby around the edges, it’s often worth investing money into your home to make a fair bit more on the return. Today we’re going to look at some of the ways you can add value to your house through home improvements. Staging a home that looks like it’s ready to ‘move in’ makes for a more seamless sale and a bigger number for you at the end.

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Before even addressing cosmetic issues, pay close attention to any structural problems. Nobody wants to buy a house with exterior issues unless they are knocking the whole thing down. You may think you can conceal problems with cosmetic retouches, but these issues aren’t going to get past a valuer. Remodeling contractors such as Iron River Construction can help with exterior home repairs. These will always increase the value of your home. Get your property thoroughly assessed for things like a leaking roof, structural cracks, rotten guttering or missing roof tiles. New siding can also add great value to your home. And if your windows have seen better days consider having them replaced or fixed.


Rectifying superficial defects in your property may not add too much value to your property. But they will certainly make for a quicker sale at a premium price. Refreshing the paint inside your home is an effective and affordable way to do this. As is cleaning grout, eliminating moldy sealants, fixing loose tiles and any squeaky doors or dripping taps. Decluttering is also an essential part of styling your home for a sale. When you’ve got rid of all the junk, you can then dress your interior in soft shades of grays and whites for a neutral look that will feel plush. Add oversized mirrors to create the illusion of more space. And make sure the bathrooms are clean, fresh and up to date. Small changes you can make include updating the taps, adding towel rails and renewing shabby floors. If you can’t afford new floors at least get them professionally cleaned.

Swish Gadgets and Appliances

Make viewers feel like they could move right in when they enter your home. You can do this by investing in a few swish gadgets that will entice potential buyers to see how seamless their lives could be. Consider things such as integrated ceiling spotlights, a boiling water tap and smartphone locks on the front door. Staging your home with smart home tech is an effective way to persuade buyers to make a purchase. Smart thermostats, LED lighting, and smart power strips are also great energy saving gadgets. And home buyers will find this kind of gadgetry appealing.

Kitchen Renovation

If you really want to add value to your house before your sale the one room you should consider fully renovating is the kitchen. In modern times, this is the hub of the home and the show-stopping centerpiece. Often this is the space homebuyers first look at replacing. So if you can offer a sleek and stylish space that functions spectacularly well, you’re onto a great return.

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