Post-it Dry Erase Surface, 3 x 2-Feet

There is something magical about a whiteboard. My children love to use them to practice their writing. They love to write something, show it off, erase it and start all over again. The “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” is a perfect way to put that whiteboard magic on almost any surface!

The “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” is a simple yet effective way to create a whiteboard almost anywhere. It is designed to fit on a variety of surfaces – including painted drywall, steel, glass, finished wood and existing whiteboard or chalk boards. It allows you to create horizontal and vertical solutions in places where traditional framed boards don’t work.


Applying the “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” is simple to do. First start unrolling the sheet on a flat surface and removing 12 inches of the backing. Align the corner onto the surface you wish to apply it to and press out any bubbles, then simply continue peeling the back and pressing out the bubbles until you are done. The 3×2 sheet was easily applied by one person, but for larger surfaces I would recommend two people.

I gave the “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” to a teacher friend to use in her classroom. She chose to apply it to the back of a bookshelf to use during one of the classroom’s center times. The surface isn’t ideal. The instructions called for a smooth flat surface and the back of the bookshelf is slightly rough so it didn’t stick very well, as you can see in the picture the bottom corner has lifted up. None of the roughness has shown through on the front side of the sheet. The location of this board is perfect for the classroom, so moving it isn’t an option so we plan on resolving this issue by simply creating a taped boarder.

The whiteboard works wonderfully. My children experimented with the board after it was installed. They wrote on it with different colours of markers. There is no raised edge so it was easy for the kids to accidentally write off the edges of the sheet. The marker wiped off well. We tested a variety of colours and they all wiped off clean with little effort. The board comes with a erasing cloth which is great for little hands.


The white board can be cut to size, making it incredibly customizable. There are so many possible uses. At home I would love to add it to the kids table so we could use it for spelling homework instead of small whiteboards we currently use.  When I was working as a programmer I would have loved to have had this on my desk surface so I could write down bits of code and make changes as needed. We have a chalk-board easel in the house that the kids love to use, but the chalk creates so much dust and mess. The “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” would easily cover up the old chalk-board and create a new whiteboard surface.

The “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” is a customizable and convenient way to create a whiteboard surface, where you need it most!


Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Post-it Dry Erase Surface” through the Amazon Vine program. I’m under no obligation to give positive reviews and my opinions of this product is based on my actual use.




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