High Life vs. Simple Life: Why Finding The Fun Is What Matters

Most people can easily be sorted into one of two groups. On one side, those who like the finer things in life. They say things like “I work hard to make my money, so I spend it on things I really want!”. On the other side are those who keep it simple. They don’t spend too much, and when they do spend it they make sure they get value. They don’t lack for joy; they just don’t think they need to break the bank for it.

It’s the second group that have the advantage when you really look at it. When you’re not bound by the idea that you have to spend the Earth to enjoy yourself, you can concentrate on having fun. After all, how do you dance like no-one’s watching if you’re scared your pearls are going to fall off?

Fine Dining vs. Good Hearty Fare

Image Credit: Gloria Cabada-Leman (Flickr)
Image Credit: Gloria Cabada-Leman (Flickr)

Even the roughest and readiest of us will admit we can see the attraction in a quality steak cooked to perfection. Sometimes it’s what’s on the side that counts – and how it’s cooked. Pan-seared and paired with asparagus and new potatoes? Or thrown on the grill, flame-cooked and served up with potato salad and bacon bits? Most people, if pushed, will admit they prefer the latter.

This extends to eating out, too. One small plate of Penne Arrabiata can set you back the price of a good outfit, in some restaurants. Compare that to a list of Hooter’s menu items. You pay less, eat more and can enjoy yourself a lot more without attracting glares from the other patrons.

Paula Tadeo (Flickr)
Image Credit: Paula Tadeo (Flickr)

There’s room for both in any DVD collection, to be honest. But anyone who tells you they’ve watched The King’s Speech twice is a liar.

A Boutique Hotel Break vs. An Amusement Park

Image Credit: Jonrev (Wikimedia)
Image Credit: Jonrev (Wikimedia)

Okay, so this one depends a lot on who’s going. If it’s just the two of you then a boutique hotel has its attractions, for sure. But if you have kids, or even if you don’t, an amusement park can be thrilling – whether you’re making minimum wage or six figures a year. Maybe save the luxury break for your anniversary – the proper ones, not the halfiversaries. The rest of the time, focus on what’s fun.

In the end, fineness is in the eye of the beholder. Planning a holiday or booking a restaurant is a decision you should make based on what you fancy. Don’t ever do what everyone else is doing, because everyone else is doing it. If your simple pleasures are the ones that get your blood pumping, then go for those. It really doesn’t matter if anyone’s judging you.

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