Philips Bt5200/16 Series 5000 Beard Trimmer

Although you CAN drive a nail with a pan, a hammer is obviously the better for the job. I’ve been using the same hair trimmer I use on my head for my beard for some time now, and noticed a big difference after switching to a proper beard trimmer for my beard. It’s just a better tool for the job.


I love the guard system on this trimmer. On my other trimmer, there was a set of several guards of various sizes. They take up a lot of space, and they’re triangular in shape and the pointed end would occasionally catch in the softer skin on my face (compared to the very tight skin on your scalp).
The guard on the Phillips has a couple of bends/angles so that you can smoothly and comfortably run the guard around your face while using a bit of pressure, and not have the guard catch in your skin. The fact that it’s a single guard system, with the depth adjustment on the razor itself, it also saves a lot of space. The guard also comes off easily for cleaning, and the razor itself is waterproof so you can rinse it off.
The Philips trimmer has a rechargable battery, which is nice because a dangling cord can sometimes get in the way when you’re trying to shave. It takes about an hour to perform a full charge, and according to the documentation you get about a full hour of shaving time from that charge. I’ve not yet let the trimmer completely discharge, but I’ve easily gotten several shaves out of it before I plugged it in.

Overall, very happy with the trimmer, particularly when compared to using a generic hair trimmer.
*Disclosure: I received a complimentary “Philips Bt5200/16 Series 5000 Beard Trimmer” through the Amazon Vine program. All opinions are 100% my own.

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