Keep In Touch With Long Lost Friends For Less

Do you dread your phone bill arriving every month? If so, there are ways you can keep in touch with friends and family for less. If you’re spending a fortune on phone calls, it’s time to take these money-saving tips on board.

Compare landline deals

Do you use your landline to phone people? Do you have a TV and broadband package? If so, you could save money by swapping provider or negotiating a better deal. Often, it’s cheaper to make calls using a landline rather than a mobile. But you could still be paying over the odds. If you’ve been with your operator for a long time, check out the competition. If you’re a new client, you may be able to take advantage of introductory offers and incentives. Often, even telling your provider that you’re thinking of switching can get you a better deal.

Take advantage of the Internet

Do you spend money on international calls? Have you got family or friends overseas? If so, it’s time to make the Internet your new best friend. You can email and chat for free, and you can also share photos and video call. If you have WiFi, you’ll be able to communicate without using up your data. You can use platforms like Facebook messenger or download programs like Skype.

You can also use the Internet to shop around for mobile phone offers and make use of discount codes. If you sign up for mailing lists and voucher sites, you’ll get all kinds of offers sent to you. You can save money on everything from meals and clothes to Paytm mobile recharges.

Image Credit: Joe Shlabotnik (Flickr)
Image Credit: Joe Shlabotnik (Flickr)

Get to grips with your cell phone features

Do you have a relatively new cell phone? If so, the chances are that it offers video calling of some kind. If you have an iPhone, you probably have FaceTime. FaceTime is an app, which enables you to see your friends when you chat to them. When you look at the screen, you’ll see their face, and they’ll see yours. You can chat free of charge provided that you have a WiFi connection or you have inclusive data. You’ll need signal to use this function. If you’re in a remote area, it may not be possible to establish a connection.

Adjust your cell phone contract

If you’re paying too much to make calls and send text messages, try and adjust your contract. You may be able to add features, which make international calls cheaper, for example. Or you could pay a monthly fee for more data. It may also be worth considering changing network if your contract expires soon.

Image Credit: Jenbird14 (Pixabay)
Image Credit: Jenbird14 (Pixabay)

We all love to keep in contact with our nearest and dearest. In the past, it was incredibly expensive to maintain communication with friends in far away places. But the Internet and changes in cell phone charges have made things a lot easier and cheaper. If you’re still spending too much, make some changes. Embrace the Internet, and negotiate better prices for your landline and cell phone packages. Take advantage of social media and messenger functions and tailor your cell phone bundle to suit your needs.

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