Gardening Fun with the Kids

garden2Growing up my parents planted a huge garden. It was a lot of hard work, but there was a certain satisfaction to watching the plants grow from little seeds into beautiful and delicious vegetables. I never lost my love for gardening but over the years my garden patches have gotten smaller and smaller. I used to believe that I needed a large garden like the one that my parents grew, but I have since learned that even small garden can yield big results!

This summer we were at the campground and that meant that I had no space other than my deck to plant a garden, so that is exactly what we did! My kids and I created a fairy garden filled with peas, beans and two tomato plants and the results were delicious!

Starting a vegetable garden is easy! With a little planning and some determination you can create something wonderful for you and your children to enjoy!

garden3The kids started by filling their pots with potting soil. They loved getting their hands dirty. Then I let them choose which seeds they wanted to plant and let them plant them. I made a special effort to not do it for them. I showed them an example of how deep and how far apart to plant the seeds and then let them do it on their own. Some of the seeds were planted really deep, some super shallow and some just right! The garden belonged to the kids so it was up to them to care for it.

The kids moved them around to catch the sunlight, watered them when they needed it and checked for garden fairies that might have moved in. We weren’t sure if the plants would grow in such small quarters, but they thrived!

In the end the small garden grew wonderfully. The kids got to experience what it was like to grow a vegetable from start to finish. They were so proud of their little garden. At the end of the camping season we took them home and the kids were able to harvest enough beans and peasĀ  for a few suppertime meals!


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