Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil

Winter is just around the corner. While my children love the cold weather, the cold weather doesn’t love their skin. It seems that extreme weather brings out Eczema flair ups in their skin, especially in their joints. I can’t keep them in from the cold, those snowbanks are just too tempting, but I can use a product like “Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil” to help soothe and protect their dry skin.


“Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil” is a bath oil that provides soothing relief to dry, itchy and even cracked skin.  I personally prefer a more all natural solution, but sometimes I need something a little stronger than my current homemade cream. The medicinal ingredients are 30% Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil) and Non-Medicinal ingredients Liquid paraffin, Glycine Sojo (Soybean) lipids, Perfume, Poloxamer Cyclotetrasiloxne and Tocopherols.  The list of Non-Medicinal ingredients gives me pause for concern so you may want to do a little research to determine if you are comfortable using them on your child.

My daughter came to me to me the other day crying that she was itchy all over. Assuming it was an allergic reaction to something I popped her in the bath with a dose of the “Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil”.  While I was getting her allergy medication from the cabinet I asked her how she felt and she said that the itching stopped. When she got out of the bath I immediately noticed how soft her skin felt.It felt like there was a light layer of protection over her skin, you could see the water beading.


I have used this oil on both of my children. I have used other creams both natural and prescribed to treat their dry skin and Eczema flair ups. They will often tell me that they sting, but I have had no such complaints with the “Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil”. I haven’t used the oil directly on their skin but I have used it on my own and immediately could feel effects. My hands felt much softer and moisturized.



The oil is thin, so when pouring it into the cap be careful. I had a few instances where it overshot the cup and landed on the bathroom wall.There are measuring lines on the cup, but I found it hard to use since it wasn’t transparent.

The oil has a soft scent that lingers on the skin after you use it. I was concerned that it would leave an oily feel on my skin, but it is absorbed right in, leaving it protected but not oily.

“Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil” is a great product for dry and damaged skin. Visit their website or Amazon.ca for more information.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary bottle of “Excipial Bath and Skin Therapy Oil” through the Amazon Vine program. I’m under no obligation to give positive reviews and my opinions of this product is based on my actual use.

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