We were sitting around the campfire the other night when a friend pointed out that the space station was going to be passing overhead very soon, so we all ran out into the field to see if we could spot it. The kids were fascinated as they watched it glide across the night-time sky. After it flew by we spent another 30 minutes looking at the constellation and planets, trying to name the ones that we knew!

“Rocket-Bye” by Carole P Roman is bedtime poem that will take your child on a gentle adventure throughout the solar system.

“Rocket-Bye” is a calming bedtime story written in poem that lets your child explore the galaxy from the comfort of home. I love the soft images that go with the story. The colours are calming, making it perfect for bedtime.

The book is perfect for young readers with just a line or two of text on each page. I love that my daughter can read it herself at bedtime. The story is simple but opens up such a whole new world to young children.

My children loved to explore pages with the constellation illustrations. They are amazed by the night sky, and this gave us another opportunity to explore the sky with a little bit of help from “Rocket-Bye” and google. The author mentions the stars Polaris, Castor and Rigel in the book my children were intrigued because they recognized the constellations from illustrations, but they wanted to know which stars belonged with which constellation. It was fun to discover new constellations that we didn’t know existed as well as learn more about the ones we see in the sky each night.

Although it probably wasn’t the books intention, it raised all kinds of questions about the stars and planets. Is Pluto a planet? Why was it downgraded? Could there be life on Venus? And so many other questions, many of which I couldn’t answer and we’ve been researching since. I love books that challenge my children to explore the world around them. Our next stop is to the library to find more books about the stars.

I love how this book encourages your little ones to imagine all the places they could go on their own Rocket ship. Would they fly to the moon, or keep on going? I love the conversation that follows about all the things they would see and do. It’s not long before they are drifting off to sleep and start to dream about far off places they will visit.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Rocket-Bye” in exchange for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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