MapPopIt’s always a struggle to make sure that I eat foods from all the five food groups so that get the essential nutrients and energy that I need. Both my son and I quite often get leg pains and it was suggested that we try to increase our intake of Magnesium. The challenge for us was to find an easy way to increase it, because if it isn’t simple, chances are it won’t happen.

“MagPop!” by Orange Naturals is an easy way to increase your intake of Magnesium.  It is a magnesium infused effervescent drink that adds magnesium glycinate, vitamin C and electolytes with every serving. Simply add the powder into a glass and add 150 to 250ml of water, or to taste and drink it up! It is Vegan, soy free, gluten free, nut free, sugar free and contains no artifical colours and flavours. Each serving offers 1000mg of Magnesium and 325mg of Calcium.

“MagPop!” has a mild orange flavour. It reminded me of slightly flat orange pop. I was disappointed by the lack of fizz in my drink, but perhaps I’m not mixing it quite right. After I tried all three packets I realized I was using it backwards. The instructions say to add the powder first THEN the liquid. I reversed the order and perhaps that is what is creating my lack of fizz.

Overall I enjoy the Magnesium in a liquid form rather than a pill. I had given up pop for the new year so this is a welcome change from just plain water, providing me a bit of that “fizz” that missed from my pop.

I don’t claim to be any sort of health care professional, so please do your own research, but it seems that there are many benefits to adding Magnesium to your diet. It is said that it can help:

  • Increase energy levels
  • Calm nerves
  • Help you to fall asleep at night
  • Helps with digestion by relieving constipation
  • Relieves muscle aches and spasms
  • Important for heart health
  • Prevents Migraine Headaches
  • Helps prevent Osteoporosis

“MagPop!” is a simple way to add Magnesium to your diet. For more information visit the MagPop! Orange Naturals Website.

*Disclosure: I received a sample pack of “MagPop!” in exchange for my review.

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