A Cool, Creative Room for a Cool, Creative Kid!

Image Credit: Flickr - jingdianjiaju
Image Credit: Flickr – jingdianjiaju

There are some absolutely insane children’s rooms out there. They’re cool and everything, but they hardly fit with our penny-minding mindset, do they? No, you don’t need their rooms to be that out-there. But you do need to put a lot more focus on a child’s bedroom that you might think.

Understanding the importance of the bedroom

The bedroom is going to a big part of your child’s life. Adults often forget how significant it’s going to be, and how important it is in shaping how their child sees the world. When they’re approaching school ages, that tends to be when it’s time to start thinking seriously about their bedroom. But by that point, you won’t have been a child for a long time! For you, your bedroom is going to be a very functional thing. And by that I mean, there’s a bed in it, you sleep in there, and that’s about it.

That’s fair enough for an adult. But for a child, you need to think about it on a much more personal level. Not only do many parents forget to think about the importance of a room’s design because how they feel about their own bedrooms. It’s also because there’s this idea that children shouldn’t even be in their bedroom that often. Most adults now seem to ignore the importance of their children having some time to themselves. We don’t need to keep setting up all these activities and after-school friend meets. Kids need time to themselves. It helps them maintain creativity and independence in the future during times where they’re alone.

Flickr - Design Folly
Image Credit: Flickr – Design Folly

How a room helps foster creativity

Note my use of the word creativity earlier. It’s a trait that seems to be more and more undervalued with each passing year. The vast majority of children are wildly creative creatures. Most people have seen this for themselves. And we tend to see it as a good thing, right? So one has to wonder. If basically all children are really creative, then why are most adults just… y’know, not?

It has a lot to do with how children are raised. One thing that it’s important to note here is that the ones of the biggest impacts in this area definitely emerges from schooling. Modern education systems simply aren’t there to help children use their creativity, as much as the government may claim they do. If you do want to foster creativity, then your child’s room is one of the most important factors you can harness.

Consider having a desk in your child’s room. Many people seem to think that desks are just things that an adult should have. A lot of parents don’t seem to consider desks much until the teenage years. That’s when their child has to spend extensive amounts of time doing research and homework. But a desk is a great place for your child to write and draw at any age! You may also want to consider the colors in the room. The right colors are said to help creative feelings!


Flickr - Personal Creations
Image Credit: Flickr – Personal Creations

Books and comfort

Your kid should have a collection of books. It’s not enough to try to encourage them to read, or to leave the school to do it. The best way to get your child to enjoy reading is to get them to appreciate the books themselves, as physical objects. So you should think about investing in a funky set of bookshelves for kids.

Your kid should associate reading with comfort. We seem to make a big deal about how bad it is that child sit down for hours at a time. And yes, this should be a worry for any parent. Children do need to get exercise from an early age so that they can develop good fitness habits. But it shouldn’t get to the point where we can’t let them have an hour – or even two hours – sitting and reading a book. Reading, after all, is still one of the most amazing factors that aid in a child’s development. So perhaps you should get them something firm, affordable, and really comfortable for reading time. How about a bean bag? There’s not much “cooler” than a bean bag, is there? You can go to Comfy Sacks to see more.

Pixabay - mojzagrebinfo
Image Credit: Pixabay – mojzagrebinfo

The dreaded television!

You may be expecting me to convince you to be a “cool parent” and let your kid have a television in their room. Well, I’m not going to do that. I’m on your side when it comes to television and its energy-sapping, brain-rotting qualities.

This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t have a computer, though. But with sites like YouTube and Netflix, it can be difficult to prevent them from doing what they would be doing with a television anyway! If you do get them a computer for their room, help them appreciate its educational benefits.

Flickr - Donnie Ray Jones
Image Credit: Flickr – Donnie Ray Jones

Keeping it clean

Let’s face it: most adults seem to have a hard time keeping their rooms clean! With children, it can seem even more difficult. The popular image in this area is that of children hating to clean their room. Well, this kind of thinking sometimes leads parents to think that they should be the ones who clean their children’s rooms. But this is a mistake! It doesn’t exactly help child develop good habits.

The trick is to have cleanliness instilled as a habit from an early age. Kids can start helping you keep things clean from just a couple of years old, after all. You won’t be able to give them any big tasks, of course, but they could hold a dustpan as you sweep, for example! This sort of stuff can help them appreciate the wonders of tidying up. Of course, if we’re beyond those sorts of stages already, then don’t fret too much. The more you treat your kid’s room as their space, the more they will come to respect that space. And the more they respect it, the more organized and tidy they will be with it. You probably shouldn’t except Martha Stewart levels of neatness, but you can expect them to put some work in!

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