Skittles Birthday Surprise

SkittlesBirthdaySurpriseThere is nothing like the excitement of a birthday. I love to see the excitement in the eyes of the lucky birthday boy or girl experience all the extra “special” treatment they get on that day.

“Skittles Birthday Surprise!” is the story of Skittles an adorable kitten who is celebrating her birthday.  Excited about discovering the surprises and presents her friends have in store for her, Skittles sets out to find her friends.  Instead of presents and birthday wishes, Skittles discovers that her friends need her help! Will Skittles stop to help her friends on her special day, or does she leave them behind on her quest for her presents?

“Skittles Birthday Surprise!”, by Ansaar Modack is an adorable story about a little kitten who discovers the importance and joy of helping others without expecting anything in return.  This is such an important lesson for us all.

The story uses bright illustrations and adorable characters to entertain your little one.  The choice of font is great for young readers.  My daughter is in Grade 1 and is able to read the story on her own.

“Skittles Birthday Surprise!” is a fun story to share with your little ones about the power of friendship and helping others.

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*Disclosure:  I was provided a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

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