Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products

DriveTravelling with kids can be a hair-raising experience.  Lost toys, spilled drinks,  dropped snacks and crumbs.  Our daughter happens to get car sick, so we sometimes have vomit messes to clean up too…never fun.  In the past we would scrub and vacuum the car seats and hope for the best.

The “Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products”, offers heavy duty protection against indentations from car seats, scratches, dirt, and more for your vehicle interior fabric.

The seat protector is incredibly easy to install.  It has a positioning bulb that you simple tuck in between the seats to secure the cover firmly in place. The adjustable head rest attachment strap and non-slip backing prevent the cover from moving around. I was able to install it in a couple of minutes.

There is a pocket that hangs below the seat that protects the lower part of the seat from muddy and wet boots.  This pocket is handy to keep items hand, and stop them from rolling around the back seat.  My six year old was able to reach this pocket, but my four year old found it difficult to reach.


The seat is an attractive grey colour, which will match most interiors.  The heavy duty material will protect your seat from marks from the car seat. I do wish the base was slightly larger, as our larger car seat reaches right to the edges.

I love that I don’t have to worry about seats when my daughter happens to get car sick.  It never fails that some vomit will leak through the back and onto the car seats.  Now if that happens I can simply remove the “Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products” and wipe it down.  This makes it so much easier to clean the car when we are travelling.

If you want to remove the seat protector for some reason, it removes just as easily as it installed.  Unlatch the head rest strap and pull out the positioning bulb.  It folds up small and takes up very little storage space in your trunk or backseat.

The “Car Seat Protector by DRIVE™Auto Products” is a great product that will help protect your seat from everyday damage from children and pets.

Check it out the Car Seat Protector by Drive Auto Products on! for yourself!

*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary “Car Seat Protector by Drive Auto Products” in exchange for my review.  Post contains affiliate links.

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