Can A Princess Be A Firefighter?

PrincessFirefighterI’m so glad that my kids are growing up in a time that they can be anything that they want to be!  A firefighter, a dancer or mechanic, it doesn’t matter…the world is theirs to conquer!  I don’t want my children believe that their gender will limit their choices.

“Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?” is the latest book by Carle P. Roman.  It follows two little girls as their father answers the all important question, “Can a princess be a firefighter?”.

“Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?” teaches our children some important life lessons.  My daughter is consumed with all things “Princess”.  The are some activities that she won’t try because “only boys do that”.  I love how Ms. Roman shows my daughter that she can do anything she wants, and never have to give up her princess status.

Ms. Roman also stresses that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it makes you happy.  I want my children to know that they don’t have to make a million dollars and be the president of a company for me to be proud of them. No matter what career path they choose, as long as they do it to the best of their abilities I will always be proud.

The biggest life lesson we took away from the story was to not let anyone limit your dreams. My children are big dreamers, nothing is out of their reach.  There will always be someone in this world telling you aren’t smart enough, or strong enough or “whatever” enough.  I want my children to listen to that inner voice that tells them they can do anything and be anything!

The illustrations are fun water colours.  The choice of font and the amount of text on each page is perfect for young readers.

“Can a Princess Be a Firefighter?” is a story that is geared toward girls, but my son enjoyed listening to it as well.  Both children and I talked about all the things they want to be when they grow up and the steps they might take to get there.  This is a great story to inspire your children to become whatever their heart calls them to be!

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “Can a Princess Be a Firefighter” in exchange for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.



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